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Show Us Your Life- Show Us Your Hometown

Paris, Texas

Welcome to our new hometown- Paris, TX. We’ve only been here 5 months but we absolutely have fallen in love with this town. Its big enough to not feel isolated, small enough to feel quaint and comfy. Its only an hour and a half away from Dallas, so I can get my big city fill in just a day trip. What’s not to love?!

Did you know that we are the world’s second largest Paris? Yep. Also, we have an Eiffel Tower… with a gynormous cowboy hat on top. Want to know why? Because Paris, TN decided to build an Eiffel Tower as well after we did, so of course Texas had to do it bigger and better and put a big ole red cowboy hat on the top! I’ve come to learn that everything IS bigger in Texas. 🙂

Paris has a wonderful, well kept, and still thriving downtown. Rory and I go walking around the square at least once a week and we go in all the shops. I adore downtowns and am so glad we moved to a place with one that still is thriving since that is so rare these days.

We’re also home to Campbell’s Soup Tomato Soup plant. And did you know that Tomato Soup stinks?! ha! We don’t smell it in town or at our house, but when we drive by the plant its a little bit awful. ha!

There are also so many lakes and parks and trails around Paris. I can’t wait for Rory to be old enough to go out on the boat and fish with her Daddy!

I must admit, when we first learned there was a possibility to be transfered to Valliant, OK with IP, I about had a nervous breakdown. If you google map Valliant you will too. Valliant is in the middle of nowhere, literally. My first words to Andy were, “Andy, I don’t want a home birth,” and I had tears in my eyes and I was DEAD SERIOUS. (If you were moving three weeks before your due date you would have been that dramatic too.) But! Thankfully we met our now great friends Josh and Carly who live in Paris and told us it wasn’t a bad drive and that Josh and Andy could car pool to help with the 50 minute drive. THANK YOU LORD! No home births for me!

We really do adore our new town. God is continuing to be faithful and moving here was a great blessing. I’m so excited that Rory will (hopefully) start school here and grow up here. Its such a great town to raise a family. I guess being willing to move anywhere with your husband pays off after all! 🙂

And honestly- anywhere with these two is the greatest place on earth.


Have a great weekend!

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