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Show Us Your Life-RAK

RAK = Random Acts of Kindness, of course!

These sorts of things are what make the world go ’round, am I right?! Things so simple, but that have a huge impact. So what are your favorite RAKs? Here are some of mine!

  1. If you see that someone has dropped something, pick it up! Its amazing how many people will go as far as to step over something that has been dropped and ignore it. Sheesh people!
  2. Push the grocery cart to the actual cart thing in the parking lot. I live in the south so those guys are working on that hot pavement all day trying to collect carts. I realize they get paid, but once upon a time my dear husband worked @ WalMart and believe me- they don’t get paid enough!
  3. Write a note, email, text- whatever!- just to say “hey I’m thinking about you!”. Sometimes in this haze of 3-almost-4 month old baby days, I will get a text from a friend and it lights up my day to know someone out there is thinking about me. Andy writes me emails during the week to let me know he’s thinking of me and it absolutely makes my whole day better. (oh and hello dear readers- leaving comments makes me giggle with joy all the day long! hint, hint!)
  4. Little “happies”. Ha! How I make fun of this term. BUT! Have you ever received flowers, a small gift, a coffee, or whatever that just made you happy?! Once, one of my dear old neighbors brought me a little Willow Tree jewelry box with a girl and a puppy on it. Because she knew I adored my pup, Jackson, and she thought of me when she saw it.
  5. Offer to babysit! This one is probably the hugest RAK of all. Seeing as I live somewhere brand new and have no family here, I don’t have a babysitter. But when I went home my parents babysat TWICE while Andy and I went on a date. Oh how we needed it!

Alright- below I set up a linky so you can tell me your favorite RAKs! Just click the “click here” and enter your blog link!

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1 thought on “Show Us Your Life-RAK

  1. I didn’t know anybody else used the word happies, other than my family, lol. My mom brought G and I happies yesterday, a McD’s apple pie for me and some strawberry rice puffs G’s loves and some giraffe pj’s for her. I love those RAK’s :). It was sort of a customary thing when we saw our family that lives in MS to bring them a happy or for them to give us one, or send something in the mail. I haven’t done that in a while, but I should. Thanks for the reminder!

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