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show us your life- kids’ rooms/nurseries

Right after we found out we were having a girl we immediately got started on Rory’s room. We painted the walls a beautiful green with a blue stripe and two white stripes. It was gorgeous.

And then, two weeks later, we found out we were moving. Marvelous.

So when we moved here we were tired and I was 37 weeks pregnant so we didn’t paint Rory’s room. I still love her room, but its definitely not what it was in the Pineville house. (pause for a moment of silence for the wonderful nursery we had created.)

The bad thing about her room here is that it is SO CUTE in person, but its like a cave with bad lighting so I can never get good pictures. Oh well- hope you enjoy the tour of Rory’s room!

This is what is above her bed. Jodi gave me these initial/monogram and I ADORE it! If anyone gets my decorating style, its Jodi. If I had to “trade spaces” with anyone and trust their judgment completely, it’d be her! I hope she’d say the same about me, ha!

Our “night night” corner.

I just love this little dresser. We just bought the lamp last week and I think its the perfect fit for the room! On her dresser is a lion that Ashley and Marlyce gave Rory that is so cute, a piggy bank, and a framed birth announcement.

Go check out Kelly’s Korner for more kids’ room/nursery tours!


And just one pic of the stinker doing what she loves most these days…

Can we not all agree that she at least inherited one of my physical attributes????


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4 thoughts on “show us your life- kids’ rooms/nurseries

  1. We can swap houses anytime (as long as I don’t have to move to Texas) Rory’s room is so cute and it does not look like bad lighting, you are over analyzing! But I sorta know what you mean, I always think my house looks different in pictures… I love the “night night” corner, best moments!

    I am dying to see Rory!

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