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FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY- Rory is back to her old self again!

When I say this past sickness with her was rough, its an understatement. Absolutely no sleep, coughing, runny nose, screaming from pain in her ears, and a terrible diaper rash will make any sweet baby a total crabby pants.

But she is officially back and better than ever now! Since feeling better she has started talking more (meaning non stop! ha!), playing more, and spending some time by herself. And of course, being as mischievous as ever!

Yesterday we went back to our church and everyone was just so so glad to see her. I love that when we go she is just so happy to walk in and let all the ladies love all over her. And I especially love that they adore her.

She looked super cute yesterday, too!

Did I mention that she’s sleeping again as well?! I mean, for now anyways- ha!

Just to prove my point, here are the many faces of a very happy Rory…

Oh, I am so glad to have my stinker back!

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6 thoughts on “SHE’S BACK!

  1. She looks better than she has for a while. I could tell by her eyes when she was sick. I know it is easier on you to have aa well baby again.

  2. She looks like a doll in her dress. So very glad to see those smiles and knowing she is so much better. Miss you too very much.

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