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she’s alive!

As it turns out, I’m not so good at the whole blogging and full time jobbing thing. I shall try, try, try to do much better though because y’all know I just love this blog of mine.

That sounds so vain. But you understand what I’m saying.

This week was even crazier than usual for many reasons, but one major reason was because I went to the Backstreet Boys concert! Holla!

Now. Let me just say that Backstreet Boys were big when I was growing up but I wasn’t really a fan of them because NSYNC was my jam. I loved them so much. I still do. Sigh.

Anyways- Backstreet put on a good concert and it was fun having a girls night out!

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This weekend has also been an usual/crazy weekend. The girls went to my sister’s house Saturday and stayed the night with my parents Saturday night because Andy was helping move the new pastor and his family into their new house here. I had a great time that afternoon getting to know the new pastor’s wife a little better in the mix of the craziness of boxes. I always realize later that my sense of humor is a little odd to people so hopefully I didn’t scare her. Ha!

We ended up getting done with everything early so Andy and I had the bright idea to go bowling to have SO MUCH FUN on a date night being active and young again!

We got in the car and I realized we were dressed almost identical to each other. Same color shorts. Same color shirt. That’s a true love connection right there.



Bowling, as it turns out, isn’t our strong sport. It is not what we excel at in life.

Problem is, Andy has a severe issue with not excelling in bowling.

And I knew this before we went on date night.

You see, every so often I apparently like to try our marriage by suggesting things like golfing, bowling, basketball, etc.

I regret my lack of memory and stupidity every single time.

Once when we were dating/engaged Andy invited me to go golfing with him. I thought it was fabulous. I thought “OH HECK YES! I’m going to learn to play golf with my husband and join The Club and spend my days as a trophy wife looking cute in my polos and cute bermudas.”

Oh how wrong I was. The golf trip ended with Andy getting mad and throwing his golf club down and it bouncing back and nailing me right across the nose. Lots of blood everywhere and a vow to never golf with him again was the result of that trip.

The last time Andy and I bowled together was similar. I didn’t get hurt, but it was a true miracle that I didn’t.

Andy tends to bowl badly, especially at first. And when this happens it just gets worse because he starts CHUNKING the bowling ball down the lane. One time it even bounced over into another lane.

To add fuel to the fire, I can’t help but laugh. I swear, y’all, I get so down right tickled I cannot handle it. I laugh and laugh and laugh and he gets more and more mad because I’m laughing….

It’s about that time I realize how much of an idiot I am for suggesting these things that would be SO MUCH FUN.

Because they never are.

Well, they never are for Andy… I ALWAYS have the best time ever because I laugh the entire time.

Here is a video of the bowling fun for your enjoyment.

Okay, so that brings us to the craziness of yesterday. (Crazy is apparently the only word I can come up with in all the no sleep going on around here right now.)


Sunday night Rory woke up hysterically crying because her ear was hurting. We calmed her down and gave her some Tylenol and thought it was swimmers ear.

Then she woke up this morning with all kinds of nastiness coming out of it. I knew something wasn’t right, of course. I sent some texts out to some of my medical friends (nurses, NP, etc) and they all said the same thing.

So I ended up after lots of blood coming out of her ear taking her to the ER because no other office was open and the blood made me so nervous.

Ended up that she had a really terrible inner and middle ear infection with a partially ruptured ear drum. I feel like mom of the year.

So we are in the waiting room before seeing the doctor and there were all kinds of weirdos in there and Rory was just staring at each one.


This one lady sitting across from us was just passed out and snoring so loud. Well suddenly she sat straight up and looked around with big, crazy eyes.

Cue my stinker to shout at the top of her lungs:


Now there were approximately 30 other people in the waiting room with varying ailments but you better believe my stinker brought them all together and made them feel a little bit better. I know this because of the uncontrollable giggling that went on for the next hour in that there ER waiting room.

Oh yes, she was alive. But I nearly died of embarrassment.

Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

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  1. I needed some LAUGHTER today and you provided it! Bahahaha I can’t stop giggling at the SHE IS ALIVE part!!! PRICELESS!!! Thanks for making my day a bit perkier! =)))

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