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Seven Months Old!

I’m seven months old! And guess how I’m spending my 7 month birthday? In the doctor’s office! I’ve got a runny nose and a little cough and am just feeling so yucky. Not a fun month birthday day!

Honestly, I’m shocked (can’t you tell in the picture?) that I’m already seven months old. Where did the time go?

Since I’ve been feeling pretty bad this weekend (and Mommy is sick too) we didn’t do anything too crazy with the pictures this month. So we’ll do a little thing called “the many faces of Rory” instead of a lot of writing.

Happy Faces

Laughing Faces

Fake Laugh Face

Act like I’m not paying attention/ignoring Mommy Face

(don’t you love Jackson in the background?)

What you lookin’ at/Is this over yet Face

Thoughtful Face

A special thanks to our beloved Jersey, that kept Rory entertained, laughing, and smiling the whole time.

What’s up with me this month?

  • I weigh 18.7 lbs!
  • I still wear some 0-3 month stuff, but mostly I wear 3-6 month. The 6-9 month clothes are way big still.
  • I’m eating Stage 2 Foods and am LOVING them. I’m eating more and more food and not so many bottles. I probably eat 3 to 4 eight oz bottles a day.
  • Rolling is my favorite thing to do still, and I have it down to an art. I’m trying so hard to crawl but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.
  • I have TWO teeth!

I also want to say something to some VERY special people…

I love you Mimi, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa!

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8 thoughts on “Seven Months Old!

  1. Loved the pics. I knew Jackson and Jersey were around somewhere. She was watching so close at something on the sides. Can’t beleive how much she’s grown. I was looking at the pic of her and me back in April and what a difference!

  2. Happy 7 mo. birthday, Rory! You look so big and two teeth too. Thanks Rory for wishing us our first ” Happy Grandparents Day”! You are the most wonderful and best Grandchild! Love you.

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