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Seven Months Old!

Y’all, I’m SEVEN Months Old!

You’d never believe it, but I had to go to the doctor today, and I have a double ear infection!

Doesn’t keep me from smiling though!

When Rory was seven months old, she had an ear infection too! How weird is that?! Look how chubby my big sister was!

This has been the best month yet for me! Mommy got me a new doctor that I love and got me to see a specialist about my tummy! I’m on a new formula and am feeling so good now!

Now that I am feeling so good (besides cold/ear infection) I am happy ALL THE TIME. Its like a different world all together without pain! I love to play with my toys and especially my sister. I will sit and play on the floor forever all by myself.

I also LOVE to pull my sister’s hair. Mommy gets onto me (because Rory needs to know its not ok to pull hair) and I just laugh and laugh at her. Mommy says I’m going to be as big of a stinker as Rory! Everyone says she’s going to have her hands full with us!

I always hear Daddy and Mommy talking about how funny and sweet I am. I guess they are right about that!

I am a momma’s girl to the max! When Mommy drops me off at the church nursery, I start crying as soon as I see the nursery workers! I don’t like to be away from my mommy ever!

So what’s up with me this month?!

– I weigh 13.4 lbs! (4th percentile)

– I eat 4 oz bottles. I’m starting to eat some soft solids, but don’t try and feed me baby food! I go all lock jaw on mommy everytime I see a spoon!

– I wear 0-3 month clothes but Mommy is making me wear some 3-6 month stuff and just letting it be big, ha! (Rory wore the outfit I’m wearing on her six month post if you want to see how cute she was in it!)

– I still don’t have any teeth and I’m not showing any signs of getting them either!

See y’all next month!


Mommy Interruption: Ok, let me tell you how hilarious it was to take Ryder’s pictures this month. She started doing this “teased” thing where she scrunches her nose and squints her eyes whenever you smile big at her. I swear, y’all, she is THE BIGGEST FLIRT EVER. Andy and I crack up at this all the time.

So, about 90% of my pictures looked like this because she kept doing “the flirt look” as we call it:

And then 5% looked like this picture where she is extremely serious about whatever it is that she’s trying to tell me:

Isn’t she so funny?!

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