Ipsy Glam Bag Review

September Ipsy Glam Bag

It is that time again!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED my September Ipsy Glam Bag. LIKE LOVED x2982393. It was so fall-ish and had so many things that I loved.

And the bag is SO CUTE too. I’m throwing it in my purse with all my lipsticks in it. It is probably my favorite bag I’ve gotten.


1- Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser, 2- Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream, 3- Pacifica 7 Free Nail Color in Red Red Wine, 4- Smooth Criminal Powder by Be A Bombshell, 5- Lipstick by Hikari in Cabernet , 6- Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss by CAILYN in Love Affair, 7- Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil by Pacifica in Gun Metal 

1- I have been on a hunt for a good face cream/cleanser. But I’m also sometimes timid to use new things because sometimes my skin can be sensitive. This hit the nail on the head though- I absolutely love this cleanser and it has done wonders for my skin- I’ve been using it for 5 days and the blemishes on my face have cleared right up. I’m so excited about this product!

2- Eh. This hand cream is fine, but not something I love. I’m not a huge fan of the scent (which isn’t peach it is more grandma).

3- Y’ALLLLLLLLLLL. I am so in love with this nail color I can’t even tell you. IT IS DELICIOUS. I’ve been on the hunt for a deep wine/maroon color for fall (I mean it is THE COLOR for fall and all of us MS State Bulldogs have known this for a lifetime) and this nail color is exactly what I’ve been wanting. And who doesn’t LOVE a full size nail polish in their bag?!  I’m simply giddy about it.

FullSizeRender 4

4- I am really liking this finishing powder! I’ve recently switched my base and needed a good powder to finish it off and this seems to be a great fit!

5- I like this lipstick- the color is okay. I have pink undertones in my skin so it is a bit pink when I know it is supposed to be closer to red. It wears well though!

6- This lip gloss is EXACTLY what I needed. I’ve been looking for a wine lip color but didn’t want anything too matte. This is such a great color and it wears SO WELL. Lip glosses tend to wear off quickly but this one stays on great.

Pictured: I put the lipstick on and topped it off with the gloss- this is why it is a tad pinky. The gloss is definitely a true wine.

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender


7- I haven’t had the chance to wear this eye pencil but I’m excited about it. I will probably put it on my tear line to brighten up a smokey eye. I’ll post about it once I wear it!


Like I said, I LOVED this month’s bag!

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