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saying “yes”

Well, hello there!

I feel kinda bad because I totally dropped off the bandwagon last week.

After my last post, I just spent the rest of the week “feeling it”, meaning feeling the love of my family. Things have been hard for so long in so many ways, and somehow last week I seemed to be able to let all that go and just really enjoy my family.

Also, Andy’s work schedule has been INSANE the past couple of weeks and it has just been hard to get a second to myself to do any sort of thinking in general. During naps last week I either showered or napped myself instead of blogging. Sometimes I just get to that point that I need rest and I’m glad I let myself do that.

This weekend my sister, Tasha, came into Jackson to stay with my parents so we drove up to spend the day with the family.

Side Note: Y’all. You know I have struggled with the whole moving thing because I loved Paris so much, but let me tell you- being able to go “home” to my parents’ house for just the day to see my family is seriously the most amazing thing. We have never been able to do that in our marriage so it is just such a special treat for us. Also, Andy’s parents live really close so the girls are getting so much time with them too. THIS is why we moved here. My girls are finally getting a chance to really get to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc and I’m just so glad we moved because of that.


Downtown Jackson had trick or treating/trunk or treat going on and all the kids got dressed up and went. Rory had THE BEST TIME EVER. She is still talking about “twick or tweat” with the cousins.

My girls are little Bumble Bees this year. And I must say, they are the cutest ones around!

Rory’s older cousins, Jacks, Landon and Riley, are so good with my girls. They are so protective and when we are together I have a bunch of built in babysitters. Its great!

Ryder slept for most of the time, but when she woke up she had a blast too.

Clayton and Ryder are both completely obsessed with their Papa. He has to hold them both at all times … if one sees the other being held OH FOR THE WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH. Pretty sure by the time these two leave Papa is worn SMOOTH OUT. ha!

It was such a good weekend. Andy and I got to spend time with the girls together and just have a good time. We needed it after how crazy it has been lately!

Today I had some stuff I really needed to get done- laundry, phone calls, etc- and I spent the first hour after the kids woke up doing all of that and then I declared today to be a “yes” day.

Mondays always seem to be the hardest because the high of the weekend is over and its back to the usual daily grind of being at home with the kids. So I decided that from now on, Monday’s aren’t going to be hard because of ME. Sometimes I know it is me that causes the problems. I’m tired on Mondays, the house is always a wreck, and I just want to still have Andy at home, so if it is up to ME then from now on Mondays are going to be fun, or at least more fun than usual.

Mondays are going to be “yes” days around here.

Today’s yeses so far have been:

“Mommy, can we play legos?” YES!

“Mommy, can me and Ryder color?” YES!

“Mommy, can I have some french fries?” YES!

“Mommy, can we have a picnic?” YES!

(too cold outside today since both girls have colds so we had a picnic inside!)

“Mommy, can we watch Barney?” (a big eye roll and sigh but…) YES!

“Mommy, can I take a nap in the playroom?” YESSSS!

“Mommy, after nap can we go outside and play with the dogs and leaves and run around and have the best fun ebbbber???” OH HECK YES!

And y’all, it has been THE BEST day. I’m taking my Monday’s back and making them good again!

What are you going to say “yes” to today?

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4 thoughts on “saying “yes”

  1. Aww! I’m sad now! I want to have a fun day with Em, but I am WORKING. Ugh. I am definitely having a yes day when I get these reports done!

    Remind me that I said that ok? 😉

    Love those Bumble Bees!

  2. Just what I needed to read because yes sometimes things are just tough but I need to do a better job of saying yes as well. So glad the girls are getting to know their grandparents and family what a great thing!

  3. Oh My goodness! Ryder looks like she is thinning out and losing BABY FAT! wah! I don’t like that!!!!

    I don’t understand all these families that live NEAR their families. Since we are not native to PIttsburgh, we don’t have family near. Here in Pittsburgh, nobody leaves so we are the ONLY family in the state that doesn’t have family around.

    I always think it’d be nice to have grandma come over for just a day instead of what we do: fly grandma up for a week, cram in SO MUCH activity because she is only here for 5 days, and then be so tired, drive her back to the airport and be sad because we are exhausted.

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