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Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party

Last Monday I decided to have Ryder’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. It was insanely last minute and I worked my butt off all week to get ready.

Here’s a picture of the invite:

I absolutely love this picture of Ryder- the epitome of joy!

It was supposed to be a splash party and I had set out a water fight table (balloons, guns, etc), a bubble table, a slip n slide, a pool and the water table for everyone to play in.

And then about 30 minutes before the party started it decided to POUR. I was so disappointed! So the party was inside and pretty chaotic but we still had fun. I am mad at myself for not taking more pictures, but I just wanted to enjoy the day with my friends and not stress about the perfect picture.

On our mantle I hung all of Ryder’s monthly pictures. It was SO cute. I’m so glad I took pictures each month of both girls. I will always treasure those!

Ryder was SO funny eating her cake. She just stared at it a minute, put her finger in it, stared at her finger, licked it, and started the process over again. It took her FOREVER to eat any of it and she wasn’t a fan of it being all over her!

This is her “whoa” / excited face.

Rory had a blast too! She loved every second of our house being full with friends and chaos!

I asked on the invite for people to bring travel size items for the families in the CICU at Medical City where Ryder had her surgery instead of presents. Of course, some people didn’t abide by that and got her some stuff anyways! She loves all her toys and books!

But I was overwhelmed by how much we got for the heart families. I can’t wait to get all the bags together and deliver them! I’m going to write out scripture that helped me during our time in the hospital with Ryder and write a note telling them that people care about them and are praying for them. God has blessed me with such great friends who were more than willing to go above what I imagined to help these families out!

This is only part of the donations!

I had such a great time celebrating Ryder’s birthday with our friends here. And we have so much to celebrate!

This week is VBS at church and I’m teaching the 3 and 4  year olds… I am BEAT. Seriously, I’m so tired! Hopefully I can make it until Thursday! 🙂

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