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Rory’s 4th Birthday Party

I know it has been a while since I’ve blogged, so what better way to end the break than with Rory’s 4th Birthday Party?!

As y’all know, Rory is a MORNING PERSON. Girlfriend wakes up early and enjoys the mornings. So I decided because that is her PRIME TIME OF LIFE I should most definitely have her party in the morning.

I stayed up late doing some of the decorations and watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony (duh) and I somehow ended up on the couch at about 5am this morning. I woke up to Rory rubbing my face saying, “Mom- you are amazing! You did all this?! You are magical, Mom! You are so wonderful!”

Now, y’all- that is pretty much the most wonderful way to wake up EVER.

Then as if I weren’t magical super mom enough, we look outside and it is SNOWING. I don’t want to brag, but me and THE LORD are tight and we had a talk about how I’d be the BEST MOM EVER if it snowed on Rory’s FROZEN themed birthday party day and well, HE CAME THROUGH, Y’ALL. HA!

Rory has declared this to be “the best day ever in her life” and I’m pretty sure she had an awesome time.

Enough talking, here are a few pics from the party! Now, y’all know I don’t take the best pictures and I tried to just enjoy the party and not overdo it on the picture front so you’ll have to excuse me on that part. I do hope you enjoy though!

The Birthday Girl in front of her cake (that you can’t see oops).


Some of the decor. I feel like the pictures definitely don’t do it justice. Rory said it was a “frozen wonderland” so I’m going to pretend that I did an awesome job.


The food! I typed up labels for all the food and TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THEM so dang, I had a fail for the day. We had cake (obvi), build your own snowmen treats, “ice”/aka blue jello, icey drinks, and “snowballs”/aka powered donuts.




I got the cake at the local WalMart and y’all, it was GOOD. I’m pretty sure my girls and I have the same love language which is CHOCOLATE CAKE.




Rory loved every single present. After everyone left she got them all back out and just stared at them in wonder. She said “I didn’t know everyone was going to give me so much! I just love my friends!”. PRECIOUS.



We are just so thankful for Rory and especially thankful she has some wonderful friends who showed her so much love today. There is NOTHING that makes this momma happier than seeing her with her friends and knowing she is loved.

Mom and Dad love you so much Rory girl! Hope you had a wonderful day today celebrating your birthday!


Rory’s official birthday post will come Wednesday on her actual birthday. We have lots of fun things in store!

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