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Rory’s 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Rory’s 3rd birthday party and had the best day. I had decided to do a Cowgirl theme and my plan was for it to be pink and black but then dates had to be changed and I literally had a week and a half to pull it all together. I was so afraid it’d be too boyish, but I ended up loving how it turned out. Rory is NOT a girlie girl. Sure, she likes to dress up and all, but she would rather be outside getting dirty and playing with trucks. She’s the best of both worlds to me!

My friend, Haley, and her family own an old general store and since our current house is tiny and I don’t even have a dining room table because I have no room, we decided to have it there. It is very western/country and worked PERFECT for the cowgirl theme.IMG_6121






Haley also made the fabulous cupcakes!


Rory was so funny because we had talked about it being her party but we knew she didn’t really understand. So when she got there she ran in SO EXCITED but then when she saw people there just for her and all the decorations and stuff she got SO SHY. It was precious. The entire party she was kinda shy and when we sang Happy Birthday she got so teased/embarrassed.

IMG_6132 IMG_6134

My mom made this skirt for Rory and one for Ryder, and it was PERFECT!

IMG_6139 IMG_6147

Ryder loved getting to spend time with everyone too! But unfortunately, neither one of my girls were really in picture taking moods, ha!


We kept it low-key and I invited a few or our/Rory’s friends here and just family. It was kinda last minute so some people weren’t able to come, but we still had a great time!

My family- minus Tasha and the boys, we missed them very much!


Andy’s family- minus his brother and sister and bro-in law that live out of town. We missed them too!


“Miss-us Sharon” and her four sweet kids. Rory ALWAYS says “miss-us” instead of miss. We crack up every time!


Our friends- Clay, Haley, and Preston


Haley and I- couldn’t have done this party without her help!


Sharon and I- she has been such a sweet friend to me and has made such a difference in Rory’s life this year. I’m so thankful for her!


Telena and I- I didn’t think they’d get to come and was so excited when they worked it out. Rory and Ryder adore my sister and it is so fun to see Telena get to finally the fun aunt since her kids are older. I used to be the fun aunt before I had kids… now I’m the crazy (er)/tired aunt. HA!


Rory and Aunt ‘Lena


Telena and Josh


Josh and Ryder – he is the best uncle to my kids!


My nephew, Jacks, who Ryder is a carbon copy of… soon I will find some pictures of him Ryder’s age and show y’all how much they look alike… it is insane!


Jacy will LOVE me for this picture of her eating- ha! They stood by the fire to stay warm.


My mom and Rory talking about something serious!


Ryder telling my mom something… who knows what. This girl is BOSSY and will tell you how it is. Ha!


As I was looking through the pictures, I realized most of the pictures I got of Ryder were of her eating. Its so funny to me that the first YEAR of her life (literally) was such a struggle to get her to eat and now girlfriend CAN’T GET ENOUGH. She is serious about her food and you better not get in the way!


We sang “Happy Birthday” to Rory, and she was so shy and teased about it but I thought that was too cute. She blew her candles out right away!



Ryder loved the cupcakes too!


After we ate the cupcakes, it was time to open gifts! I can’t even tell you how much Rory has enjoyed EVERY SINGLE GIFT. She was playing with ALL of them this weekend after the party and she would run up to me and say, “Mom! Did you see THIS ONE????”, and it was seriously so sweet. She genuinely loved all of them and was so proud of each one. I love that about her. She thinks everything is so special. When I put a new shirt or whatever on her and tell her we got it for her she will say, “You got this just for ME????? Oh, thank you so much Mommy, I love you!”. Can’t get more precious than that!


Rory ended up getting two Doc McStuffins dolls and y’all, it could not have worked out better for this momma. When Rory opened the first one Ryder about lost it from excitement. So, I’m keeping both and also keeping peace in this house. They have carried those dolls around NONSTOP and absolutely love them.


I also got a piñata which I thought was a little crazy for a 3 year old but couldn’t pass up the cowboy boot! Fortunately, there were only three kids under 3, so it worked out great. The big kids loved getting to hit the piñata and so did the little kids!

(Side note: I think Rory may be my little softball player. hehe.)


Ryder was so cute trying to hit it! They both were so serious with their tongues out the whole time!



Both girls ended up having the best time. In fact, on the way home, Rory very seriously said to me, “Momma, know what? This the best day EBBBER!”. I teared up for real, because I love that she is so loved and was able to have a day just for her. She was only 16 months old when Ryder was born, so it has been rare in the past 19 months of Ryder’s life that she has had a day just for her. (And even the times I do try to spend one on one time with her she HATES it and begs for Ryder, ha!)


I’m so thankful for everyone who came and was apart of her birthday party. She is so special to us and we are so proud of the little girl she is becoming.

I will now go shed some tears and hug her tight because, man, these years are flying by.

(And once again, I just want to say thank you to Haley and her family for letting us use their place. It was perfect! Haley also helped me so much with cupcakes, setting up, and most of all, taking all these pictures so that I could just enjoy the party!)

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  1. It was so much fun. The pictures were great. I loved the place you chose, and I am thankful for Haley’s family too. You and Andy are wonderful parents. Rory was so cute, so glad she loved it.

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