Rory’s 1st Visit from Santa!

Sometime last night while we were all asleep, Santa snuck down our chimney and left Rory some presents!

Rory came around the corner and looked and just couldn’t figure out what all these new things in her living room were!

She looked at me, and then at her Daddy, trying to get us to explain…

and then she was off to play!

She’s telling us that “Santa is AWESOME!”. Can’t you tell?!

And then she discovered her new tunnel and tent…

her face is a little blurry, but I had to add this picture- its priceless!

Then she discovered her new shopping cart!

She has played non-stop all day! Its been such a blast!

And for the grandparents and about 2 other people who may enjoy this, here is a video of her first visit from Santa!

(I say that only two other people may enjoy it because its a little over 5 minutes long after we cut out some parts- ha!)

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