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Now that Rory is a big two-year-old, she is talking NONSTOP. Well, actually, she talked nonstop before but now she is saying everything without hesitation and repeating everything without hesitation.

Which is awesome considering I said a dirty word at the pastor’s house last week. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that?! Well I might as well since everyone there heard it and word has spread.

Last week the pastor’s wife invited ladies of the church over to her house for a jewelry party. We were browsing all the fabulous jewelry and I had Ryder and she was getting fussy so I was heading to get our stuff and go. Well I tripped UP a stair and fell on the tile. And when I say fall, I mean I gracefully FACE PLANTED on the tile. I was holding Ryder so I was scared out of my mind I was going to land on her or that her head would hit the tile so I yanked her up and just hit ALL of me hard on the ground. In the process I yelled out shhhhhiiii BUT I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW I did NOT end it with a “t”. Yes, folks, I cut myself off at the shi. Aren’t you SO PROUD OF ME?! As I was leaving a couple of ladies, including the pastor’s wife, were asking if I was sure I was okay and I said “yes, honestly I’m more embarrassed and ashamed I said a dirty word at the pastor’s house!”. Me, the pastor’s daughter, almost saying sh… at the pastor’s house. How Christian of me!

Anyways. Let’s move back to Rory and away from my sins.

I thought I’d do some “Rory-isms” for you today. Well, actually, I’m doing them for me because I will sure forget everything one day if I don’t write them down.

– Probably the cutest thing she says is “chockit miiiilk” which is, of course, chocolate milk. She says that anytime she wants anything to drink. “Mommy! A chockit miiiiiilk, pease?!” Its uber cute.

– She’s super into her ABC’s. Last night I gave her ABC spaghetti o type things and she FREAKED OUT with excitement. I’ve never seen the child each so much so fast in her life. Andy puts her to bed at night and they read the book LMNOPs and she absolutely loves it. She begs to read it all the time.

– Speaking of ABCs, yesterday in the car Rory was holding up her thumb and finger like a field goal (make sense?) and she said, “what’s that Mommy?!”. I told her it was her finger and thumb and she proclaimed, “NO Mommy! Its a L!” HA! Like her thumb and finger were making an ‘L’.

– She’s also asking a ton of questions. “What’s that Mommy?”, “You (pronounced ew) hear dat, Mommy?”, “What’s that sound, Mommy?”, “What you (ew) doin, Mommy?”, “What’s dat color, Mommy?”… and the list goes on and on.

– Rory’s also wanting Ryder to play with her all the time. Except she thinks she should be able to walk so she says, ” ‘mere sister! come pay me!” (come here sister come play with me). Its so cute.

– If I am holding Ryder and she wants in my lap she starts nudging her way in between us and says, “move it Ryder!” HA! She is VERY bossy these days!

– As I’ve told you before, Ryder LOVES to pull Rory’s hair. Well when she does Rory always says, “Ryyyyydur, don’t you pull my hair.” and its the most long and drawn out statement ever. She also gets onto her if she blows bubbles and stuff in the car. She says, “Ryyyydur, don’t you spit! Not nice, Ryder!” HA!

I am sure there are so many I’m missing but that’ll do for today.

Oh! I can’t exclude Ryder here!

Ryder-ism: dadadadadadadadadadada

That’s all.

And because I’m not sure where else I will put these pictures, here are the pictures I took for Valentine’s Day but didn’t have with me on the actual day.

You are welcome for the cuteness overload.

Rory: Huh?


Ryder: What you talkin’ about Willis?

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  1. Glad you are writing these down because you will forget otherwise. I did the same thing and still do. It hurts to read back through them, though. Reminds me of how fast time flies. Love the pics!

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