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Rory Fun Day, Part 2

Today has been another “Rory Fun Day” and I will be honest, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. See on Tuesday, we went somewhere special and she felt special all day because we were doing fun things all day, and today I knew we would just be home so I wasn’t quite sure how it would go.

Well, y’all, I gotta tell you… it has been wonderful.

She has been such a precious sweetheart child.

So much so that I feel incredibly guilty for getting so frustrated with her so much.

As you all know, she is quite the strong willed child. As in, she is completely 100% the definition of strong willed. And man, that is HARD to deal with because you have such a fine line between disciplining correctly and crushing their little spirit.

So it has been so nice to have her all by herself and SO EASY. She has helped me clean, cook, and do laundry. She and I were able to play her LeapPad together today for a good long while (and I was shocked at how good she was at all the games and apps on there). We have had long, uninterrupted talks about anything and everything. We had a little spa time and got mani/pedis in Mommy’s bathroom.

529152_10100619999153786_619235842_n-1So I thought today I would do some Rory-isms that have come from this week. This child is hilarious and so smart it is scary.

– Today at Walmart a lady with a SHORT skirt and HIGH heels walked in as we were walking out and Rory yelled, “Her needs to put some clothes on!”. Hahahaha! Indeed she did. But that stems from us saying that to her if she strips down around here. So she thought she’d say it to a stranger! ha!

– Apparently I have called Ryder a little turd out loud in front of them (most of the time I do it behind their backs, ha!) because Rory has started calling her that. But it isn’t in an ugly way as you would assume- she says it like I do, as a term of endearment. For example: Ryder is running from her as they play and Rory says, “You come back here, you little turd!”, all while laughing hysterically. I can’t help but laugh myself.

– Today Rory put a shirt on with a pocket in the front. She said to me very seriously, “Momma, you know what pockets are for?”. I said, “No! What are they for?” and she said, “Pockets are made to hold money, so I probably need a bunch of money in this pocket right here.”

– At lunch yesterday Rory wanted to play with my phone while we waited for our food. She clicked on Netflix to watch something and it was taking a minute to load up. She looked up at me and said, “Its okay, Mom, its just loading. It’ll take just a minute.” Ha!

– One of her very favorite things to say right now is, “That is CRAAAAzy.” She says it about everything and when she says it she closes her eyes and does a little chuckle then says, “that. is. crazy.”- it is so cute!

– Last night I snapped my fingers and Rory had a big ol’ contemplating frown on her face. She said, “I can’t snap. I wish I was bigger already so I could snap.” Bless her heart. ha!

– This morning at 5:15 I started feeling lots of taps on my face. It was Rory, standing over me with a huge smile on her face. She said, “Hey Momma, I got a big idea! Let’s go eat cheese and dip with Daddy today!”. It was PRECIOUS. Unfortunately, Daddy is on outage week so we couldn’t do it this week. She has said that several times today again, though. “Hey Momma, I got a big idea! Let’s paint my toenails!”, “Hey Momma, I got a big idea! Let’s get me some money!”, “Hey Momma, I got a big idea! Let’s play dress up!”. Seriously so so so sweet.

I am just loving this time with my big girl!

Now if you will excuse me… I have a nap to take seeing as I’ve been up since 4 am after being up several times with Ryder.

Apparently my children conspire against me in the sleep area. If Ryder sleeps through the night, Rory will be up. Rory has slept 3 nights in a row in her own bed until the sun comes up (HUGE, Y’ALL) and Ryder has been up all night every night and waking up for the day around 5ish.

Little turds.

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3 thoughts on “Rory Fun Day, Part 2

  1. Lovely – someday you can make a coffee table book with all of her lovely sayings.

    P.S. the 5am wake up call is a nightmare. Anything that starts with a 5 – even 5:59 is TOOOO early.

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