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roly poly

Miss Rory has been a little roly poly lately!

Everytime I put her on her play mat she rolls all over the place. I can’t get any great pics because 1) she’s fast, 2) I’m slow, 3) she does it when I walk out of the room since I use her play time on the mat to pick up the living room/kitchen. Here are a collection of pictures I’ve gotten on her rolling.

Concentrating… getting ready…

and then the aftermath.. (man I am really good at this whole action picture taking thing huh? ha!)

a mid roll that I caught and then my camera, of course, died.

start point

shimmied herself around a little and starting to tuck her arm under…


another rolling attempt… she’s pretty stinkin’ happy about her accomplishments, don’t ya think?

and here she is just playing with her toy.

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3 thoughts on “roly poly

  1. Oh my goodness, she is too cute! In that first picture she looks like the perfect combination of you and Andy! I love her (and you!)!!

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