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roller coaster week

This has been a week of roller coaster emotions. Lets begin the adventure.

Monday we made the long trek home, SO ready to get into our nice wonderful bed. It was bliss to crawl into bed after a long day. And a bit hot.

On Tuesday I began to wonder why the air wasn’t cooling. I was also wondering if maybe I was just having hot flashes. Maybe my lack of sleep was causing them.

Wait, did I not mention the state of our house at this point?! Lets just blame the grandparents and aunts and uncles for this:

She hasn’t slept much because she, too, is very hot. And because she is spoiled to the core from our trip home. Wants to be held all. the. time.

Then on Wednesday I went to the mailbox and got a large refund check from the hospital. I thought I still owed a massive amount. I thought about calling but I’m scared they’ll take the check back so I’m leaving it be for now.

And after getting back from lunch with Carly, my house was a sauna. A true sauna.

Speaking of Carly… did I mention that she just got her real estate license?! She passed the test on the first try which apparently is very hard! Everyone congratulate Carly! And in case you were wondering if she really did exist, I will now introduce you to my beautiful friend. (She will kill me, but its something I must do.)

So do you live in Texas and need a real estate agent?!!!!! Carly is your girl! (And to all my fellow Gleeks out there- doesn’t she look like a mixture of Rachel Berry and her mom on the show? yes, yes she does.)

Okay back to the air. So we had a guy come out and there are all sorts of things wrong with our air and we are getting a brand new air conditioner! yessssss!

Oh but wait… he said it could be months. MONTHS?! Its in the 90’s! We live in TEXAS! Are you kidding me?! Please please please Lord let it be sooner!

And there you have our emotional roller coaster of a week.

I need my sweet baby to sleep again. What happened? I need my air to work again.

But thank you Lord for that surprise check and for home warranty that covers the brand new air conditioning!

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3 thoughts on “roller coaster week

  1. Oh my gosh it is definitely the heat. I did not spoil her. In fact, I don’t think I got to hold to too much either. It was Jacy and Tasha!!!! Miss you guys. Carly is very pretty. I hope you get the AC soon. Move into a hotel with that big fat check you got.

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