Everyday Life, Rory Eve


All is right in the world now- Andy is home!

He got home a little earlier than we expected and I was giving Rory a bath. The little mess got so excited she climbed her naked little self right out of the bath tub to get to Andy. Nothing was going to stop her from getting to her Daddy! I just wish I had video of it because it was CUTE!

Andy brought Rory home a little chair. It is so cute and I’m pretty sure she absolutely loves it.

After all the excitement, Rory and Andy assumed their position on the couch for their nighttime snuggle!

She is such a Daddy’s girl and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. I had such a wonderful and special relationship with my Dad growing up and I am so glad Rory will have the same thing.


Today was another gorgeous day! I mean I really can’t get over this weather. I think its because I feel like we’ve been cooped up since November. Anyways- I am enjoying every second of getting to play outside without dying from a heat stroke (which is soon coming here in TX!).

After MOPS this morning, Rory and I met up with some new friends I’ve met through MOPS. We went downtown for a picnic and some live music. It was so great to spend time with friends outside. These are the times that I just am truly thankful God sent us here to Paris.

Rory was playing as hard as the other 3 boys there and she fell and skinned her little knee! I only over reacted a little (ha) and picked her up to make sure everything was ok and planned to have to snuggle her and wipe away so many tears. Well Rory wasn’t upset that her knee was scraped up, she was upset that I picked her up and interrupted her play time!!!! ha! She is just such a tough cookie.

When we got home we went straight back outside to play. And as usual, I brought the camera along! I think this is just such a fun time with her getting to play outside and discover all those new things out there and so I’m taking lots of pictures of it!

I tried to get a picture of her sitting down so you could see her “boo boo” on her knee. She was not interested, as usual.

I love how Rory and Jackson play together. He has been such a great dog with her more so recently. I think he realized that she will love on him and play with him as much as he could ever want and he’s taking advantage of it now!

This picture I had to put in here because I just cracked up. I think Jackson was trying to tell me to stop taking pictures and play with him!

I just kind of follow her around and let her do her thing and take pictures along the way in the middle of playing with her. I think that I usually get her personality better that way and of course I want to document that! She’s so fun!

We are going to enjoy a great weekend at home since we are all back together again and feeling good. I’m sure we’ll be spending a whole lot of time outside! Andy hasn’t really gotten to play outside with her yet so it’ll be really fun to see them together out there! We are going to go get her a bubble mower today so she can mow with Daddy!

Have a great weekend!



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4 thoughts on “reunited!

  1. So glad Andy is home!!! I love to see her be a Daddy’s girl, like my girls were. She looks like she is having loads of fun!!

  2. She is growing so fast! She looks more like a toddler now than a baby. Such a cutie and her Daddy is right where she wants him, around her little finger! 🙂

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