Rory Eve


I would like to formally retract my statements from yesterday.

Only the ones about wanting to scream.

And only out of sheer guilt.

You see, friends, I took Rory to the doctor after picking her up from school yesterday and you will NEVER believe this (sarcasm) but stinker had a double ear infection.

So she can yell at me all she wants.

But I’m probably not going to stop weeping anytime soon. Just FYI.

And for the aunts and grandmothers, I will include some heart wrenching and pitiful pictures for y’all to say “awww” over.

You are welcome.

watching Tangled one minute…

and then I look over to find this the next…

Just pitiful.

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4 thoughts on “retraction

  1. Just catching up on posts. It’s crazy how one minute they’re happy and all’s well and the next have ear infection. So sorry for her. She is just the sweetest thing.

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