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Everyone always thinks of or makes New Years resolutions and of course, I’ve been thinking about mine. But I decided I really want to make life changes instead of resolutions.

So this year, I have decided that I’m tired of resolutions and instead I want to be a do-er and not just blow it off. Here are some things I’m wanting to do this year:

– Be more active in our church. Sure, I go every Sunday and sit in the front. But I often skip on Sunday nights and never go on Wednesdays. This year I want to be there and be active in the church more than just the fun functions and Sunday mornings. I want my children surrounded by Godly people as much as possible and I want them to love to go to church.

– I want to be a better mom and wife. I found a blog a while ago and then my friends mentioned some things she was doing on there this week, its called Women Living Well. I am reading the Proverbs 31 free ebook she has and am starting the Gentleness Challenge. Thats one thing I have failed on with Rory is being gentle. My frustration level is constantly at the boiling point from the crying and no sleep, but that is no excuse to how I respond to my children. Life isn’t easy on them right now either. So, I am going to change myself as a mother this year and become more gentle and intentional. I also want to be more submissive and kind to Andy. Again, because of the frustration level with all the crying and sleepless nights, I tend to snap at him for silly things and immediately hate myself for doing that.

– I want to be heart healthy. I don’t want to talk about it on the blog much right now, but Andy and I are determined this year to be healthier. I have given up cokes completely (this is huge, y’all) and we have started exercising. I figure the least we can do after having a child who had open heart surgery was to be heart healthy ourselves and teach our children to be as well.

– I want to help our financial situation. I’m selling Thirty-One now and thats a start but its more than just making money, its saving. I want to be a help to Andy with our financial lives instead of being a burden. We have always done well with our money, especially for how young we got married, but this year has been hard on us just because we were scared insurance wouldn’t come through for a lot of things. I’m so blessed to be able to stay at home, but that means I need to also make sacrifices so that I can stay home. That means not running to grab lunch all the time, not shopping in excess for the kids, and sticking to the budget Andy has made for us.

– I’m going to read through the Bible this year. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and never have, but this is the year. I have my iPad and phone set up to remind me several times a day to read my passages for the day and I’m excited to dive into the Word. If I’m going to achieve any of the above goals for my family and myself this is the only way I will be able to have the power to do it.

What are your goals for this year? How are you planning to stick with them?

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4 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. Definitely planning to be more intentional about life this year. I am actually writing out goals- financial, spiritual, etc. I’ve got so many things that I want to do, and I’m breaking them down into bite-sized pieces.
    So my big things this year are-

    – sticking more closely to a written budget and having written finanical goals for the year
    – reading more informative books and maybe some fiction too (and the Bible and a devotional book daily)
    – getting my house back on track, and getting back on the FlyLady path with routines and decluttering
    – planning ahead more for expenses, holidays, etc
    – some fun craft and sewing projects for me
    – preschool activities for Gillian (got to be more intentional about this!)
    – getting Gillian’s room ready for 2 kiddos and either washing a bunch of girl stuff or buying a bunch of boy stuff
    – getting rid of the procrastination in my life so that I can be more helpful to Jerry and so that we can have more time together and more family time
    – finishing our remodeling projects before the baby gets here

  2. Did you see mine on my blog? I have 26! It’s a little embarrassing! But I was specific about some things I wanted to complete (organizing goals) and I’ve already checked off one! Woo Hoo!

  3. I realize that after reading your blog and the comments above that all of us seem to be struggling with the same things in our lives. To know that we are not the only ones struggling with balancing work, kids, homelife, churchlife, finances, etc is encouraging. I can easily say “ditto” after reading all of your responses…

  4. Great resolutions and alot we all join in with you! I’m doing the youversion chron. Bible readings and trying to eat heart-healthier too. Also, thinking positively when my mind thinks too much and go with my heart instead!

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