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remember me?

It has officially been so long since I’ve blogged that my password had to be re-entered and a “remember me” box needed to be re-checked.

I have found myself MIA in the blogging world. I love to blog. I just have avoided it for some reason.

Any counselors/psychologists/psychiatrists out there wanna come analyze me? I have a lot of stuff that might need some sorting out.


No. But really.

Since the last time I logged in I took a few Easter pictures of the girls that you will probably enjoy. And by you, I clearly mean my mother and all the other relatives that come here only to see pictures of the cuties.

Easter20161 Easter20162 Easter20163 Easter20164 Easter20165 Easter20166

They are still silly and wonderful and smart and ABSOLUTE STINKERS.

Rory is almost done with Kindergarten. I just cannot.

Ryder is about to go to Kindergarten. I just cannot.

What in the world am I going to do with myself next year?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rory is playing softball and she is a beast. She’s just the most naturally athletic girl on the planet. She’s having a blast and we are loving cheering her on.

IMG_7881 IMG_7892

Ryder is just her usual hilarious self. She’s the best cheerleader for Rory and is such a champ for going to all the games and cheering Rory on. She also loves to get in my purse and put makeup on during the games.


Which leads me to the “Hilarious Ryder Stories” segment of this post.

A few weeks ago we were at the store and Ryder had to go to the bathroom. I take her into the restroom and wait outside the stall.

She begins to sing (loudly) “Let It Go” like so:

“Let it *grunting*Goooooooooooooo, *GRUNTING* CAN’T. HOLD. IT. BACK. ANY.MORE…..”

*plop plop*





WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! She was so full of crap, literally, that she apparently was having a hard time seeing.

Raising ladies is what I do best.

Maybe this has broken the ice on the non-blogging front. I actually have a whole lot I want to write about, but I’ve been feeling extremely protective of myself and especially the girls lately. Sometimes you just need to step back and enjoy life and let me tell y’all something- I am so enjoying my girls right now. They are the lights of my life and I’ve feeling fiercely protective of their hearts right now.

Happy Monday, friends!


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