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rainy days and mondays…

After a GORGEOUS weekend, it is a yucky rainy day.

But honestly, I’m kind of glad because I’m actually kinda sorta getting caught up on housework! Miracle!

This weekend was truly magnificent though. The weather could NOT have been more perfect. It was warm enough for short sleeves and jeans and we literally spent the entire weekend outside. On Saturday Rory only had a 20 minute nap and spent every other minute outside. We even ate lunch and snacks out there. It was wonderful. The kids slept SO GOOD Saturday night for once.

The girls washed their cars…

IMG_7113 IMG_7120and then drove their car. Which isn’t scary AT ALL.

302113_10100602875439846_411319538_nIt is like looking into the future. Which IS totally scary.

We also did a lot of exploring and side walk chalking and other fun outdoor activities…

including killing a snake in our garage.

I might have almost peed in my pants in fright.

Sunday morning was glorious because the kids slept in until 7:30 and slept all night. It was one of those mornings where I knew they felt good and might actually cooperate with the picture taking thing.

IMG_7148 IMG_71685338_10100602263765646_1958084578_n

Could these faces be any sweeter?!!!!!!

487879_10100602262138906_428971295_nSo, they obviously did happily cooperate and my heart was full and happy and blessed for it. Amen.

So today we have been cooped up inside which I needed to get some stuff like the laundry done… seeing as I didn’t do a single load all weekend I now have about 3094232 loads to catch up on.

First things first, though, and we had to do our morning ritual with Ryder. I got a video of the tale end of it. I literally have to do this for a good 30-45 minutes (once it was an hour)… I go in when she calls for me and then she lays back down and refuses to get up. At first she yells, “noooo! seeepy! night night! out!”, for a while. ha!

When I finally get her up the girls eat breakfast. This is the ONLY meal I can guarantee that they will eat so I load them up as much as possible. Today they ate 2 waffles, an egg, and four strawberries a piece. I love breakfast time because there is no fighting to get them to eat (especially Rory) and we laugh and talk and everyone is in a great mood.

IMG_7180IMG_7177Breakfast is definitely my favorite time of day with the girls!

While I’ve been doing housework today the girls have been doing things like playing on the stairs…

205366_10100603379285136_1559794846_nWe also had a craft time today. I’ve been trying to do some sort of “school time” with the girls each day. We go over Bible verses (mainly “Children obey your parents in all things.” Col 3:20- ha!), Rory traces her name and then we do a little craft or coloring.

I found these foam stickers at Walmart and y’all- they have been an AMAZING find. It is a “craft” that I can put out and the girls can do by themselves (especially Rory) and I can clean up around the house with no worries about crayons being eaten or furniture being colored or glued on.



IMG_7216Rory asked to watch a movie so they are sitting in a chair snuggled up together watching Cinderella.

It is times like these when I realize how blessed I am to be a stay-at-home mom. It is HARD but I love these days with them watching them learn and grow and explore. Each day seems to get a little easier as they get older.

And some good weather and time outside definitely helps to cure the winter SAHM blues!

Have a great week!

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1 thought on “rainy days and mondays…

  1. So… what did you kill in your garage? A snack or a snake? I’m confused. 😉

    Love the Sunday morning pictures! Emma insisted on watching Ryder’s video! “Push play, Mama, it’s about Baby Ryder!!”

    Being a SAHM is hard, especially when this child is SO whiny! But it’s great, too!

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