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R.P.T. Part Two

Well turns out, sometimes I just have a bunch of random things to tell you people. So here’s part two of Random Points Thursday (which is such a lame, unoriginal name).

1. Rory is officially big. She no longer needs a game for her excersaucer to be able to reach. She also has a bit of a rat tail going on back there.

2. Yesterday she was so pitiful running a fever all of a sudden and being so lethargic and snuggly. I was going to take her to the doctor first thing this morning but she was happy and totally fine all day with no fever. Not sure what that was about.

3. I’m fighting with a migraine. Its starting to win.

4. We hosted our Sunday School class for Bible study here at the house on Tuesday night. I always feel like the biggest goob ever hosting things. I feel like I act all awkward and nervous. Probably because I am. I just love our new SS class though… dare I say they are the bomb?! HA! (hopefully none of them read that so they don’t officially declare me a goob)

5. When Andy gets home at night Rory gets so excited. She doesn’t take her eyes off of him. When he feeds her she just looks up at him and it melts my little heart. (How about that tan line on Andy?! ha!)

6. We are having a HUMONGOUS yard sale on Saturday. HUMONGOUS.  A couple from our SS class is putting their stuff in with us and they say they have a lot. And I know we do.

7. Which leads me to HUMONGOUS news, y’all! We are selling…. wait for it…. THE CHAIR.

Thank you, Lord, for small miracles. Six years, 13 moves and several yard sales later- it is finally leaving us. Everyone make fun of Andy a little bit for wanting to put $100 on it. If someone offers me $5, I’m going to shout, “SOLD”, as loud as possible.

8. My little girl is such a “supported sitter” now. She loves her new toy and sat playing with it for a good 30 minutes today. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and she’s always trying to kiss herself.

9. Andy and I decided that for our family vacation (our first one!) we were going to go on a cruise. Um, did you know they make you pay the full price for a baby?! That, my friends, is insane.

10. Sometimes when I’m writing this here blog, I get so very paranoid that my high school English teachers (Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Dorris, whom I love dearly) are going to read it and be appalled. Which only adds to the problem I assume is apart of my OCD-ness, and therefore I read my blog post on “preview” about 23,898,439 times before I hit “publish”. Oh dear.

Tomorrow is Friday!


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7 thoughts on “R.P.T. Part Two

  1. Well….I did read it, and I loved it! I LOVE that you are writing and sharing God’s blessings In your life. By the way: do you know how “Thursday” got its name? The Anglo-Saxons called this day “Thor’s Day” after the Germanic god of thunder. As the English language evolved, we now say “Thursday.” Cool, huh. Anyway, thank God tomorrow is Frigg’s day. 🙂

    I love you, Tiffany. I am so proud of you and for you. – Mrs. Brown

    P.S. I think Mrs. Dorris wants to buy the chair.

  2. I have “yard sale” boxes all over my house and in the garage. It is going to be massive! Rory is TOO cute looking at herself. But if you’re that good looking why would you want to look at anything else 🙂

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