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quick hello from Orlando!

Hello from Orlando!

The ears are a good look for me, no?

Its been a while since I’ve been on the internet longer than to just check my email.

And a lot of stuff has gone down…

…we drove 8 or so hours, had two Thanksgivings, saw some wonderful friends, saw lots of family, Rory cut her 3rd tooth (torture), Rory and I flew to Orlando to meet Andy, we all went to downtown Disney and have relaxed a whole lot since being here.

I have way too many pictures to post of Thanksgiving and such and I don’t have the computer that I edit them all on with me. When we get back from FL I will post all the fun pictures I got while in MS/TN!

I do want to show you the oh-so-cute pictures of Rory and Brooks. We went to Sam and Katie’s house on Thursday night and it was SO good to get together again. It had been so long! Rory is smitten with baby Brooks. And quite aggressive with him as well. ha!

I think Brooks knew something crazy was about to happen..

but he wasn’t prepared for his first kiss with his future girlfriend…

and apparently Rory couldn’t get enough!

Poor Brooks.

And nothing has changed in all these years… Sam is still so silly.

Sam and I were talking and laughing about how much trouble these two could get into together. Maybe its best (especially with Rory’s behavior) to keep the two of them in separate states after all!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This trip to Orlando has turned out to be a really wonderful vacation so far! Andy goes to his conference around 8 and gets off no later than around 4. We also get to all eat lunch together. Its been so great to spend some good quality time together!

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