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pumpkin carvin’

Yesterday was such a fun day! After church and a long nap (for all three of us!) we went outside in the gorgeous weather and carved pumpkins! Rory played in her excersaucer and watched us as we carved and she enjoyed being outside so much!

I took a bunch of pictures and didn’t realize until I put them on my computer that it zoomed in on the pumpkin instead of her face- ugh! So she’s a little blurry since she is in the background of her pumpkin. Its just what happens when you have a 2 minute span of time to take pictures before she’s tired of it. The pics are still cute though!

Her pumpkin we made to supposedly look like her- notice the two front teeth!- but it ended up looking a little mean, ha!

I carved Rory’s pumpkin and Andy carved the other two. I think he did a good job!

And because I think these are hilarious and for some reason never get old, here is our family doing a “monster rap” for your pleasure…

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4 thoughts on “pumpkin carvin’

  1. I will have to wait until I get home to listen to the “rap”> But the pictures are very cute. She seems to be having a wonderful time. Pumpkins are great!!!

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