pulling up

Last night Andy and I were getting Rory ready for bed and I wanted to take some pictures of her in her Mississippi State tshirt. I gave Jacks this tshirt when he was a baby and I can’t believe he’s 7 now and Rory is wearing the tshirt. She was rolling all over in her crib and enjoying every second.

There have been several times that Rory has tried pulling up, but she’s never been able to do it more than just to her knees. Well when taking pictures last night, she decided to try again and I caught it on camera!

The next picture is obviously me freaking out while trying to still take pictures…


Can you tell she’s proud of herself?!

She’s finally starting to feel better but still has a runny nose and cough that sounds/looks worse than it is. I kept her home from MDO today so she’d have a few more days to fully recover, and the doctor told me to keep her out today because her immune system is down.

In other news, THIS CHILD NEVER STOPS ANYMORE. She’s crawling, scooting, rolling, climbing, pulling up…. oh my goodness! I’m loving it though. She’s so fun! I still haven’t gotten her on camera because I promise everytime she sees it she stops crawling. We’ll get it soon though!

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