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professional roller.

“What’s going on with you right now, Tiffany?”, you ask. Well. Actually you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway.

1. My life pretty much consists of putting Rory on a large blanket on the floor. Then about 2 minutes later (if I’m lucky) I put her back to her original position… and repeat 1000 times all day long. She’s a professional roller now and is all over the place. She’s trying so hard to figure out the crawling thing but she hasn’t gotten that down yet. Let me demonstrate the rolling thing for you.

2. I’m lesson planning, craft planning, activities planning, etc like a mad woman. I start teaching 2 year olds in about a month. People! What have I gotten myself into?! I’m not sure I’m cut out for this and I’m certain the kids’ parents will agree. ha! But I prayed for this job, it came open after it originally was not, so I’m thinking God wants me to teach these two year olds whether I feel qualified or not!

3. I know I’m wearing this out, but baby girl is seriously the sweetest kid on earth. Maybe I keep saying it so that when she’s 15 and ticking me off constantly I will remember the good days of constant sweetness. ??? Or maybe its because I just honestly cannot believe I was blessed so tremendously with this child. Almost every night as Andy and I are about to go to sleep we lay in bed and say things like, “Can you believe how sweet she is?” “Can you believe how cute she is?”, and then we’ll laugh and talk about all the funny things she did that night. And then we always say, “I just want to go get her out of her bed and snuggle her up with us!”. ha! Of course, we don’t. But we want to!

4. It hit me yesterday that not only will I be teaching SOON, but Rory is going to SCHOOL! Soon! My goodness I can’t believe it! Andy said we needed to get her a cute outfit for her first day, ha! Of course, I agreed immediately. My little stinker in school? Oh man. I’m not ready! I’m pretty sure we’ll manage though, I’m only a few doors down from her!

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  1. I agree she is pretty darn cute! Patrick and I talk about the same stuff at night. We laugh at things Landon did or said that day. We also want to wake him up sometimes and hold him, but we don’t. Being a parent is

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