Rory Eve

pitiful girl

My sweet Rory has been so sick this week.

(I’m going to put in a few pitiful pictures I took of her with my phone.)

Her antibiotics from the last ear infection ended on Monday and on Monday night she didn’t sleep at all. Well, unless she was laying on top of me while I was rocking her.

Tuesday morning I took her to the doctor, assuming that her ears were still infected. Well they were perfectly clear. The doctor said she had a really bad cold and was on the verge of bronchitus.

Well things were looking better that day until that night when she didn’t sleep AGAIN (unless I was rocking her). And then yesterday she woke up from her nap burning up with fever.

I called the doctor and he said he really wanted to wait another day or a few more days to see if she could fight it off on her own since her ears were clear the day before. I thought she was doing better but this morning her fever spiked again. She did get more sleep last night, thanks to Andy who woke up with her and snuggled her on the couch all night. He says they both slept really good so I’m glad.

(Side note: Rory will only sleep with her Daddy on the couch. I try putting her on the couch or in the bed with me and she says “no no no no no no no”. ha! Stinker.)

I’m hoping that she starts feeling better today. If she is still running this fever tomorrow I am going to just take her back in. That or call our SS teacher, who happens to be a doctor, and see if he can just look in her ears to see if that is the problem or not. Dr. Scott said if she has another ear infection we will be going straight to the ENT for tubes. I just want my baby girl to feel better! Seems like its been such a battle since Christmas.

So its been a hard week on all of us. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Andy came home from work on Monday feeling terrible. Things got worse and it ended up that he had food poisoning. So Monday and Tuesday he was weak and tired and feeling pretty bad. He still went to work but I felt so bad for him.

Seems like if one thing happens, it all falls down sometimes! I’m just thankful that Rory has been so healthy for the most part and for most of her life so far. And I’m thankful that its easy to forget these hard weeks after a few good weeks are thrown in between! šŸ™‚

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  1. I agree with your mom. There’s just something about grandmother hugs and lulabys that just make Grandmother feel better and hopefully the baby too. Great Aunts too!

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