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pictures and pringles sticks

The sickness continues at the Harris house, but looks like its coming to an end, finally!

Besides being a little bit puny as a whole for us this weekend, we did have a good one at home together. We didn’t get to go to church because two of us were running fever, and I miss it so much! Two weeks away is too much.

On Sunday, Rory had a full day with her Daddy! They went grocery shopping, worked outside and cleaned up the garage. By the end of the day she smelt like a sweaty little boy. She had a blast!

It felt pretty good out, so I decided to try and get some pictures of the girls. And low and behold, Rory thought it was a great idea! …. and of course, Ryder just stared at me like I was crazy the entire time. Whatever, Ryder, whatever.

Well, I guess she did do her little half smile thing that she does. I think its so cute and hilarious.

Then it was swinging time! Ryder likes to swing, but not nearly as much as Rory always has.

Today I had to take Rory to the doctor because she started coughing pretty bad last night. So, I figured I might as well see what was up and if there was anything we could give her. She has a sinus infection and on an antibiotic so I’m hoping that means an end is in sight for all the sickness in the house!

Anyways. When we got there they kept talking about how “laid back” and “chill” Rory is and it made me laugh so hard. Obviously they have seen Ryder at her very worst a whole lot, ha! And obviously when people say, “oh my, you have your hands full!”, they mean it.

When we got home the girls both napped and so did I… it was GLORIOUS.

Then they woke up both ready to play together.

Do y’all know how much better life is now that Ryder is sitting up? It makes things so much easier. She sits up so so good and very rarely topples over. Rory is loving this too because now they can play together better.

Rory let Ryder play with her laptop while she went potty. That’s love, folks.

One of Rory’s favorite things to play with Ryder is tea party/cooking. She loves to bring Ryder plates and cups. Ryder loves it too!

I gave Rory a snack of Pringles sticks and some juice after she woke up. I was trying to pick up the living room because they had trashed it…

case in point- look at this pic.

Stuff everywhere in our living room.

Well Ryder, as we all know, is what I’d like to call a “high maintenance” eater.

I’ve tried giving her all sorts of things to eat and she hates and gags at everything.

Anyways, as I was cleaning I look over to find…

First of all, how guilty does Rory look? Ha!

So Ryder sucked on that Pringles stick until it was completely gone. What a little turd!

But I love that little turd.

Ok! Happy Monday!

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