picture day!

Today was a big first for Rory! She had her first school pictures taken! I didn’t have time to get a good picture this morning of her in her dress, but I wanted y’all to at least see what she wore! The pictures were so cute and I can’t wait to get them back!

She looked so cute today! I can’t believe how big she has gotten. It blows my mind how fast this year has gone by!

Rory’s new favorite thing to do is look at the windows. In the morning, she always goes to the back window and says “dog” (her version is more like “dough”) over and over and over. Then I will tell her right before Andy gets home that Daddy is coming and she crawls herself to the window on our door and says “Dadadadadada” over and over and over. It is so precious.

She is such a sweetheart already!

I wanted to give y’all an update on Rory going to “school”. She LOVES it. They got a new teacher in her room and she absolutely loves it now. Her teacher gets on the floor and plays with her, and the other one is such a cuddly grandma so she gets lots of love and attention. I’m so happy with her going now. They tell me how sweet she is and how she’s just so happy all the time. They also tell me that she is a total handful and mess- ha! That’s my girl!!! She sleeps in the back of the room by the teachers because she tends to wake up first and squeal and talk and makes so much racket that she wakes the other kids up! ha!

Andy’s parents are coming this weekend and we’re really excited! Rory is going to be so spoiled by them and I can’t wait to see their reaction to how different she is from the last time they saw her.

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