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photo dump, catch up, and a challenge.

Well, folks, we have had yet another fun week around here and I’ve been so busy or so tired I haven’t gotten around to blogging.

Last week my friend, Julie, and I taught Pre-K in VBS. The first day started off rather… rough… and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. BUT the rest of the week was an exhausting amount of fun! Rory and Ryder got to go too since I was working and, OH MY WORD, Rory had the time of her stinkin’ life. She got to go in “big church” during the opening and ending rally each day. Girlfriend danced and sang her little heart out the whole time!

Little Aviator

Rory and her BFF, Jude. I am framing this picture ASAP.

Over the weekend we stayed outside and in the water the entire time. Friday and Saturday we did a garage sale and, oh sweet mercy, it was HOT. Rory enjoyed socializing though, of course!

On Sunday we decided to go to Hawaiian Falls water park in the Dallas area and we had an absolute blast! Rory loved every second! Ryder took a good nap in the shade and then enjoyed people watching and splashing in the little toddler area.

So that pretty much sums up our past week.

Today I decided to finally go to the doctor for some (major) pain I’ve been dealing with since we went to Vegas, oh, a MONTH ago.

And ended up with this.

Apparently I tore a tendon and it pulled/broke a piece of bone off with it. And I’ve been walking on it for a month. Andy shall never question my pain tolerance ever again.

Two labors and this… I think I won that battle.

In other big news from today- we are officially moving next week. Like as in a week and a half away from today. As in somebody get me some happy pills because I’M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY FRIENDS.

I shall have many friend dates from now until we move. Andy has been so nice to let me soak up time with them without complaint since he’s been off work.

Our rental in TN isn’t available until August 1st so we will be living with my parents until then. When we told Rory this today her eyes lit up with excitement and she said, “forever the whole world?!”, as in “we are going to live there forever in the whole world?!”. It was so cute and made me so happy that she will finally be able to get to know both sets of grandparents so well.

Okay, I’m going to wrap this up with a random ecard thingermajig because THESE THINGS MAKE MY LIFE COMPLETE. Expect them to be appearing more here in the future.

This one is exactly how I feel about this blog and it made me realize how much I’ve missed actually writing on here since things have gotten crazy with the move.

So to get me back into the writing habit I’m joining in on a blog challenge. One that I can actual do since it’s only five days.

I’m quite the over achiever, no?

So if you are coming over from Jenna’s blog– Hi! Hello! How are ya?! You can read more about me on the “Meet the Harris’” page above.

Happy Monday!

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6 thoughts on “photo dump, catch up, and a challenge.

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is too cute, and I hope y’all had a ball teaching VBS – I used to volunteer every year, and I loved it so much!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve subscribed to yours now. Your kids are TOO CUTE! Looking forward to reading all about your family. Sorry you’re having to move… no fun!

  3. I broke my ankle and walked on it for over a day afterwards. I completely understand about not questioning the pain tolerance! I also used to run VBS in high school! I loved it! Stopping by from Jenna’s challenge! So glad to be following along!

  4. Hi! I’m in Tennessee so welcome! I live in East Tennessee and am hoping we get some rain soon. I don’t know how you move with a foot in a boot like that–or maybe you will get sympathy help!

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