I am the baby of three girls in my family by A LOT of  a few years. I can tell y’all so many stories of my sisters scaring me, leaving me out, etc. (And they may or may not have a lot of stories of me being a brat to them, ha!)

In fact, I think I should tell you a story that scared me so bad I still haven’t recovered.

My grandparents lived in Dumas, MS on an old country road in the middle of nowhere. My great grandparents and an aunt and uncle lived on this road as well. As kids, we loved to explore the woods and walk up and down this old dirt road.

My great grandparents had a storm shelter. Not a lovely one that people install for you, though- this one was the back of a van covered by a mound of dirt on the side of the road. It looked like someone drove it into the embankment and left it there. (This may not make sense to you, but just go with it.) The shelter was creepy as all get out just as it was. My Grandmother Latham would store preserves in jars and such in this storm shelter.Since I was just 6 or so and my sisters and cousins were in their angry teenage years at the time, they of course did not want me hanging around them. (Mostly because they were doing things they were afraid I’d tell on them about. ha!)

One day I was tagging along and walking with them down the road. My sisters and cousins decided to tell me a little story.

They told me that an old man walked up and down the road at night looking for kids who were tattle tells. They said that if I told on them for anything the old man would come rip out my insides and put them in those jars and set them in the store shelter.

People, I needed psychiatric help over this. I still do.

I say all of this to say, I’m sure I paid them back several times over in many different bratty ways over the years.

Which is exactly why I LOVE these pictures.

Rory has been known to do all kinds of things to Ryder. She wakes her up from her naps by being loud, she hops in the bed with her, she takes her paci…. MUST I GO ON?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today she leaned over the swing and was waking sister up from her nap once again and Ryder just got a grip on Rory’s hair and WOULD NOT LET GO.

Naturally, I grabbed my camera despite Rory’s screams of “SISTER, HAIR! HAIR!” and got those glorious pictures. You are welcome.

I’m so excited because I get to go see my sisters and parents TOMORROW! We are going to spend time in MS and TN and I just absolutely cannot wait.

Pretty sure my sisters will be doing some payback after they read this post.

OH WAIT. They never read my blog. HA!

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6 thoughts on “payback

  1. “I needed psychiatric help. I still do.” as you can see all of you faithful blog followers, my baby sister is very dramatic! But she will be comforted when she gets home in TN because her daddy will make her coffee just like she likes it and all those fears will go away! 🙂

  2. Love it! I am totally cracking up! Poor Rory!

    Btw- my brother & sister are 8 years older than me. AND I was the bratty little sister who was tortured, too! Another thing in common! 🙂

    Have fun with your family this week!

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