Holidays, Rory Eve


Well we are back to our regular routine (sort of) and home from our trip! It was so nice to sleep in our own bed the past two nights. Rory was glad to be in her bed too- she’s slept until almost seven two days in a row!

Today we had her one year well baby checkup. She enjoys the mirror everytime.

She weight 21.14 lbs and was 30 inches long! In the past three weeks she’s gained almost 2 pounds! ha!

Poor little stinker had another ear infection and fluid behind the other ear. After this round of antibiotics, Dr. Scott is going to check to see if she’s still holding fluid in her ears. If she is, she will be getting tubes. I hate that she’s been dealing with this for three months and really hope that either way she will start feeling better!

Okay! Without further ado! Rory’s first birthday party(s) pictures!!!!

The first party on her birthday was at my sister’s house in Arkansas. Tasha isn’t able to travel right now and I just couldn’t bear with the idea of having the party without her if I could help it so we did it there! Rory had such a great time!

She wasn’t too crazy about the cake or getting messy. It was so fun to watch her pick at it with her hands!

Then that afternoon we drove to Jackson and had her second party at Andy’s grandparents’ home. I am so so so thankful we could have it there and so glad they let us use their home. It was such a fun time! Unfortunately, my camera died, but my friend Katie took some pictures so when I get those I will share the rest! Of all the times for the camera to die- sheesh!

Rory and Brooks meet again…

this time she wanted him to kiss her.

When we got home Saturday night and were bringing in her toys we couldn’t believe how much Rory got! I mean… its overwhelming! ha! She’s having an absolute blast playing with all her new toys.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I will have the New York post ready!

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