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parties, excersaucers, and playdates

We have had a very busy week/weekend last week. My mom (Hi Mom!) texted me today and said “ok I’ve looked three times now and no new post”, so I guess that means I have fallen behind! ha!

I just started selling Thirty-One gifts so I’ve been a little consumed with setting up parties, throwing parties, and then the orders and such after the parties. I had two parties, one Thursday night and one Friday night, and they were both great! I’m excited to host another 3 so far this month! Plus I’m doing the trade show in Cooper, TX this Saturday. So, I’ve been busy.

Anyways! On Saturday we decided to get Rory’s old excersaucer (is this what its called?) out of the attic. Because Ryder wasn’t able to be picked up under the armpits she has zero leg strength and is having to learn to push on her legs. So we thought we’d try it out! Poor thing is so tiny though it just didn’t quite work.

She did enjoy being able to see the TV though! ha!

But Rory thought it was awesome and has played nonstop in it since we brought it out. Yesterday while getting ready for church, I stuck Ryder in the excersaucer to finish getting ready. When I came back through living room, Rory had gotten in with her and stuffed herself behind Ryder. Hello heart attack! So we got the walker down that Rory HATED when it was age appropriate and she’s had fun in it. Whatever works.

Oh, and BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE: Rory is sleeping. And I mean, SLEEPING. She goes to bed between 7:00-7:30 and gets up 6 or later. Its been AMAZING. She absolutely loves her toddler bed. She’s such a big girl!

This morning I met my friend Caroline to have a playdate with two of her boys, Thomas and Jude. Rory loves them both so much. Every time we go to church she says, “Thomas Jude be nice” because I tell her to be nice to her friends. Ha! Jude and Rory are SO MUCH alike (meaning, both little stinkers!). They were super cute today holding hands.

Have a great week!



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