Spring Fever

Today was such a beautiful day here! The weather was absolutely perfect, so me and the puppies played outside all afternoon. Here are some pictures of the puppies playing :

Tucker started off with the stick


Jackson laying, Tucker sitting- waiting for me to throw stick


action shot of the pups running with the stick


Jackson is such a good boy and brought it back!


then Tucker attacks and says “no, mine!”


Tucker LOVES this tall patch of grass in our backyard- he is playing peek-a-boo


so happy to be outside!


big guy loves the sun


he is a vegetarian now…


This is about as close as Jersey will get to him when he is awake, ha!


Jersey just does her own thing while Jackson and Tucker wrestle with the stick.


and we come inside and he is so tired and lazy that he just plops down to drink some water


It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture while holding their treats and the camera of them all sitting like they are supposed to- at least I caught one of them sitting! Tucker is really good at this!


I took Tucker to the vet today- he weighs 29 pounds at 10 weeks old. What a big boy!!!!!!! The vet said that he was actually a great mix and that he will be a great dog. He also said he will probably be at least 80 lbs.- ha!! He was soooo good at the vet. When I take Jackson and Jersey they are all over the place and hyper. Tucker slept through the whole thing. He also loved riding in the car!

Terror… I mean, Tucker

Well, we should have named him Terror, ha! He is a little stinker! I guess Jackson and Jersey were always so small so they never tested us as much so early. But Tucker is!! We have a field beside our house with really tall grass and it is Tucker’s very favorite place to go… and of course, you can’t catch him if he’s in the field. So, needless to say, Tucker is always on a leash now. He’s a really good puppy though and is doing really well “telling” us when he needs to go potty (meaning, he runs and plows into the door several times so there is no mistaking it). He also LOVES to aggravate Jackson and Jersey, but especially Jersey because she doesn’t want to have too much to do with him. Also, we don’t let him get on the couch or bed because he might end up being 100+ pounds- the Great Pyraneese in him- so we are starting early with this rule. Unfortunately, we have a platform bed, so Tucker has always been able to get into it. So, like today, if we aren’t watching he likes to sneak into the bedroom and take a nap. I caught him today with the camera!






new bed linens & such

Oh, how exciting married life can be! Andy and I have been wanting new bed linens for forever. We’ve looked and debated for over a year. Yes, debated. Andy tends to like all things striped and plaid. And, well, thats not really my taste. So it has taken forever to decide such things! On Friday night we went and found a cheap bed-in-a-bag at WalMart. It was pretty nice but I wasn’t sold on it. When we got it home and got it on the bed, we realized the sheets were so SO scratchy. We have been really spoiled by fantastic sheets that I got a year or so ago on clearance. So, these new sheets were especially scratchy. Anyways- so we slept one night on the new bed-in-a-bag and decided we didn’t like it. Today we went to Target and found some WONDERFUL sheets that are sooooo soft, and a new quilt/coverlet for our bed. Everything looks so good and its been the highlight of the month to get new bed linens! How wonderful the simplicity of married life is at times! 🙂 Here is a picture of the new stuff!


Mardi Gras 2009 = not very successful

Andy and I decided very last minute to go to the Sunday afternoon Mardi Gras parade yesterday. It wasn’t what we would call successful. Because we decided around 1:20 that we were going to the 2:00 parade, we got there too late to get a “good” spot. Also, we ended up at the very beginning of the parade. Apparently this means that no one throws any beads because they are afraid of running out by the end of the parade. So, in total we got around 10 necklaces… whoo hoo! I did get some pictures of some people that are actually normal for this part of the world. No one else was taking pictures of these people, just me, which means I am not normal. But, I am quite okay with that fact. Enjoy these interesting pictures! (Some are just pictures of the floats I liked and don’t forget the famous Budweiser Clydesdale’s!)


img_1162       img_1126

img_1144       img_1146

img_1141       img_1177

img_1183       img_1184

img_1170       img_1166

happy boating!

As I said in the previous post, we got to take the new boat out for the first time last Sunday afternoon. We had a good time and can’t wait to be able to go again! Kincaid Lake is so beautiful and only ten minutes down the road. Here are some pictures of our boating trip! My camera died so I didn’t get to take too many, but there will be many boating trips to come!


img_1098      img_1114      img_1100  

img_1112      img_1104       img_1110      

img_11081      img_1113

Sick House

This has been an interesting week! 

On Sunday, Andy and I took the boat out for the first time on Kincaid Lake. We haven’t perfected the whole thing yet and there were some definite ungraceful moments, but we figured it out. I ended up having to push the boat off in to the water and got my feet and lower legs soaked. It was pretty cool out and really windy so I stayed cold the whole time. Andy didn’t catch any fish, but we had a good time on the lake anyway.  

Well on Monday morning I woke up SICK. I felt like someone was putting all their weight on my chest. I checked my temperature and it was 101 that morning. Throughout the day it kept getting worse, so I called and got into the doctor. By the time I got there my temp was up to almost 103. They ran all kinds of tests and determined that it wasn’t the flu or anything so thought it was mono. My temperature ended up getting to 104.2 on Monday and I was delirious from the fever. I have never felt like that ever before, it was awful. The mono test came back negative and I got some chest xrays and have a bad infection in my chest. 

On Tuesday Andy started feeling bad and by that night he was running a high fever as well. He called in sick on Wednesday (for the first time ever) and went to the doctor. They said the same thing to him about it being an infection and gave him some meds and a shot. Wednesday night was really rough for us- Andy’s fever got to 103.8, and I was FREAKING OUT. Around midnight I almost took him to the emergency room but thankfully his fever went down.

Today both of our fevers are down to the 99’s, thank goodness! We’ve had a very rough week here! Both of us have been so pitiful. This is the first time we’ve been this sick, and sick together, since we’ve been married. We’re still not 100%, but its so much better. I have absolutely no voice at all so if you’ve tried calling me and I haven’t answered, that is why! 

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll feel even better and be able to actually get out of the house this weekend, even if its just going to the movie or something! Andy’s going to go back to work so I’m hoping to be able to catch up on some cleaning.

Up & Running!

After everything that could possibly go wrong with trying to create this website happened, we FINALLY have it up! We’re so glad that our family and friends from West to East Coasts will be able to easily see what is going on in our (sometimes boring!) lives. We’re still adding on pages and pictures (etc) so be patient with us! Any and all suggestions for the site are welcome. We love and miss you all!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!