Friday Four: Things I LOVE About Our New House

I’m just starting this whole blog topic thing, so of course I’m still copying from my friend Amber on this one too. She does a Friday Four and I look forward to reading it every week. I’m going to switch between Friday Fours and Friday Faves different weeks. But! I’m going to start with a Friday Four- Things I LOVE About Our New Home. Now I adored our last house. It was small but quaint and so homey. I loved how we decorated it and it was a wonderful first home. When we bought the house, which was 3 bed/1 bath, we were not thinking of having a baby in that house. We just weren’t. Never crossed our minds. So when we found out that we were expecting we realized how tiny the house was, ha! Mainly it was the one bath thing. That was a hassle. And our laundry was outside in the carport. Oh and might I add that it was tiny so after my belly grew enough at 5 months pregnant I could no longer get into the laundry room to get the clothes in and out of the dryer??? So needless to say, we had a list of things we weren’t going to “settle” on when we realized we’d be purchasing a house a mere 8 months later. So here’s my Friday Four!

1. Laundry Room!: Our laundry room is inside, big, and organized (well it will be as soon as I can get everything else in the house organized.) All of these things would be wonderful enough, but I also got a brand spankin’ new washer and dryer. And let me tell you- they are FABULOUS. They even sing a little sweet tune when they are done instead of the gosh awful buzzers. I am now officially spoiled as far as laundry goes! 🙂

2. Two bathrooms!: I never knew how hard it was to have just one bathroom until we only had one bathroom. Especially when pregnant… you know what I mean. Constant trips to the bathroom and you just cannot wait on anyone else to get done. There were some close calls, that’s all I’m saying… haha! The best part of our two bathrooms is that the guest bathroom in our new house is actually the same size as our ONLY bathroom in the last house. We feel like we’re living in uber luxury right now! The master bath is, get this!, IN the master bedroom and has his/her sinks and storage galore! Oh how marvelous!

3. CLOSETS!: I cannot stress to you how wonderful our closet space is in this house. We have a walk in closet in our room and in the other two rooms. Thats right, Rory has her very own walk in closet (and I sense she’s going to need it! hehe)! We also have a huge coat closet, a huge pantry, and a huge linen closet. I finally feel organized again! In our last house we had three total closets and were all teeny tiny, so I am very thankful for abundant storage now!

4. Office space!: In our new home we have a “breakfast nook” and a formal dining area. We have only a small round table and it fits perfectly into the breakfast area, so we are able to use the formal dining area as an office/game room. We have our desktop computer in there, a bookshelf of all our board games, and most of the video gaming devices that Andy “collects”. This is so nice because there are not 5972654 shelves, games, wires – {read CLUTTER} – in our living room. When Rory comes it will also be a bit of a “play room” that houses some of her toys in bins. When you have a nerd husband living in your home that loves electronics of all kinds, it is so nice to have a designated office space for his junk toys. 🙂

Baby Watch 2010

Well we’re on “baby watch” now… every appointment the doctor is surprised I haven’t gone into labor, yada yada. I’m just ready to get this labor thing over with! ha!  I had a whole list of “to-dos” before she made her appearance and they are all officially done as of this past Tuesday. Of course, up until Tuesday I was having major contractions and now that its all done they have faded. OF COURSE! 🙂 I still have two weeks left, but I’ve been showing signs of labor since the first week of January so it seems like its past time already. Can’t wait to share pictures of little Rory very soon (hopefully!)!! Any and all suggestions to help bring on labor are appreciated!

In other news, we are in our house!!!!!! Woohoo! I would post pictures, but its all still a bit of a mess and my camera is in the hospital bag for now. We are down to our last couple of boxes and finally getting things organized. The kitchen and Rory’s room are 100% done, the rest about 90% done. I was using my sister’s crib but we needed a dresser/changing table. So we ended up ordering a whole set from WM and hopefully it’ll come in soon so we can set it up! Here’s a picture of the set we picked out (sorry its so small)-

We have A LOT of wallpaper that needs to be taken care of so until we can tackle that project our decorations will be in a closet since it doesn’t match at all. We have picked out all the colors and are excited about projects to do later this spring. Even with all the horrid wallpaper, I absolutely adore our house. I will share pictures as soon as I can!


(almost) Wordless Wednesday

My friend Amber Dixon does a “Wordless Wednesday” post every week and its something I’m going to try and do. Its a post of only pictures with no words. So here’s my first (almost) Wordless Wednesday post… picture taken at Christmas with Andy’s family and I think its quite hilarious.

alright, I’m ready.

I am officially as ready as I think I’ll be (mentally) to have this baby! I read some birth stories on The Bump today and they didn’t horrify me, surprisingly! I’m just so ready to see what/who Rory looks like (warning: my family has strong genes… I’ve been identical to my mother since birth). I wonder if she’ll look anything like my niece or nephews did or if she’ll look more like Andy’s family. I’m dying to see if she has a head full of hair or if she’s going to be bald. Either way I KNOW she’ll be perfect in every way.

On another note- Andy is loving his job. How do I know this? He has talked a lot about it. Again, this is huge. More importantly though, this is Andy’s perfect job. Here’s why: 1) he can wear jeans every single day, 2) he can wear his boots that he wears constantly, and most importantly 3) he can wear a hat. Yes, thats right, he can wear a hat every single day if he wants to. Pretty sure he’s in job heaven. 🙂

Andy has also made a friend at work. He’s a fellow engineer that he had met before coming here on some training trips. Its really cute because they are SO much alike, as all engineers are. They even set up for us to hang out this past weekend without any kind of pressure from the wives, ha! His wife is adorable and so funny. We got along wonderfully. As much as engineers are all alike, I think the women who marry them are alike as well. They are new to the area too and haven’t met anyone around here either. Anyways, we had a wonderful time together and I can’t wait to get to know them better.

free internet

My genius husband figured out how to get internet from my phone onto my computer and its been wonderful while at the temporary home. Its about as slow as dial up though, ha!, so the days where I have had to come into Paris I’ve bummed internet from Hastings coffee shop. Its amazing how spoiled I am!

Andy has had a great first week of work. He seems to really be enjoying it- but as you all know my husband is not a man of many words. So how I know that he is enjoying it is by the fact that he’s talked some about the people he works with and told me a little about his day (this is huge okay?!). The jobs he’s had in the past and hated he would always come home and be even quieter (if thats possible!) and just play video games to relieve the stress.

In baby news- everything is going great. I’ve dilated a little and been having the same ol’ inconsistent contractions for weeks. I met with my new doctor here in Texas and she was wonderful. What a huge relief and blessing! My doctor in Alexandria was so amazing and I bawled like a baby on my last visit. I just couldn’t fathom going to another doctor because in my mind there would never be anyone who measured up. BUT! God has provided peace once again because my new doctor was wonderful. She took her time talking to me and acted like she was really wanted to get to know me.

Hard to believe but its only 3 1/2 more weeks until little Rory is due! Andy and I are getting so excited to meet her. I’m pretty sure Andy is more prepared than I am for this whole experience. He’s so incredibly cute- every time I have a contraction he says “is it time?” or “do we need to go to the hospital?”. I love it. I can’t imagine going through all of this without him. What a wonderful rock and support he’s been!


Well I have neglected our blog for quite some time. There have been several times when I wanted to write but there was always something going on. One of my new year goals is to write on the website two times a week. Hopefully I can achieve this and then after things start settling down (aka after baby madness!) I’ll try to do three or four times a week.

I am currently trying to re-vamp our site- New year, new look, and a fresh start! So stay tuned for a fresh new look and more posts!

Okay I guess its time to update on the past couple of weeks (sort versions, I could write a book on our recent adventures!).


  • In the beginning of Dec. we found out that we were moving to OK/TX. Andy is working at the mill in Valliant, OK and we are going to be living in Paris, TX. We fell in love with Paris on our first trip and new this was going to be a wonderful place to live and for Rory to be born.
  • We bought a house! We came back to Paris for a quick house hunting trip and found a wonderful house. We are so excited about it and feel so blessed that we were able to find something so quickly.
  • Andy’s mill closed down Dec 16th and he worked until the Monday before Christmas. After that he had almost a full month off of work and it was FANTASTIC!
  • We went “home” to TN for almost two weeks for Christmas. It was a wonderful visit but we realized it was too long (sorry family that are reading this!). We are so used to just being home and all that back and forth between houses and keeping up with families was hard. By the time we got home I was having major contractions and was dilating already. Scary!
  • Tucker ran away. Guess he found a new home somewhere near my parents’ house. Miss the stinker so bad.


  • Our last drive home from TN to Alexandria. Bittersweet.
  • Preparations in full swing to move! Movers came the 11th and packed us up! Off to Oklahoma for our temporary home for two weeks before we close on our home in Paris.
  • Shock at the false advertising on the website for our temporary home. I won’t go into detail. Just pray that this OCD/uber-hygenic 9 months pregnant woman makes it through… or maybe you should pray more for Andy. Yeah, pray for him. ha!
  • Andy started his new job TODAY! I could tell he was really excited to go (I would be too if I were putting up w/ a crazy hormonal person 24/7, hehe). I’ll let you know how he likes it!

We close on our house the 28th of January, yay! We’re both dying to get in there and get organized. Its hard to be between houses for so long.

I’m now 36 weeks pregnant and having inconsistent contractions all the time. I’m hoping she’ll hold on in there until we close on the house- then she can come anytime. Andy and I are getting so excited to meet our little nugget, Rory!

Okay! Keep checking back for changes. I’m excited to getting back to blogging regularly. Pictures will come soon too.

And its official- finally!

Andy got an official offer today to go to Valliant, OK with his company. We will definitely miss this little house and the friends we’ve made here & I’m positive if it weren’t for pending baby I’d be having a harder time saying goodbye. We will be moving the first of January and Rory’s due date is Feb 17(ish) but my doctor insists I won’t make it that long. We shall see!!!!

Andy and I have been blessed to be able so far in our marriage to make it home for every major holiday- until this year. God’s timing is impeccable as always because it was a welcomed quiet Thanksgiving just us. We slept late, went to Cracker Barrel (no cooking or cleaning! yay!) and did some shopping. Of course we missed our family so much, but it was really nice to not have to stress and worry over packing, driving, seeing everyone, etc.

So this is late but here are some things I am SO thankful for this year:

  • God’s faithfulness to us! For a couple of weeks we had no idea whether or not Andy would have a job and He provided exactly what we needed @ the right time!
  • An amazing husband who goes out of his way to make me feel loved everyday and who provides for our family. I could not ask for more, he is so wonderful! I can’t wait to see him with Rory and being a great father to her.
  • Little Rory Eve- our little miracle! Her timing is perfect and she is well loved already. We can’t wait to hold her and watch her grow!
  • Our wonderful families. We have supportive parents, great siblings, and fantastic niece and nephews. Through this huge transition and wait game of Andy’s job we’ve seen our immediate family and extended go out of their ways to give advice, love, listen and most importantly PRAY for us during the unknown. Thank you guys for being our rocks here on earth!

Of course there is much more I am thankful for- I could write all day! I will continue to update as we know more about the move. At 30 weeks pregnant this week, we’re ready to get the ball rolling!!!

big changes coming…

Well to say the very least, we’ve had a whole lot going on the past few weeks. Long story short (will update on another post soon), Andy’s plant here in Pineville is shutting down so we will be moving. It looks like we are getting transfered, and as of today it seems like we will be in Oklahoma. Again, everything is up in the air and when we know something for sure I will update our site with the details! I am just ready to find a new doctor and find a home to bring this little girl home to!

We have had two amazing showers in the past month and we are feeling beyond blessed by all the gifts we have received. Rory is one spoiled little girl already! When everything is settled down I will post some pictures from the showers.

My friend, Lauren Wood, took this picture of me at one of the showers. I am 26 weeks in the picture. She did an amazing job taking pictures and decorating! My friend Jodi hosted it at her house and it was so fun!


Now we’re getting to the fun part!

Throughout my pregnancy so far I have found myself feeling guilty because I’m not “glowy” or feeling fantastic. People talk about how wonderful they feel and honestly I just haven’t. The first trimester I lost 14 lbs because of sickness, not to mention our lovely trip to the ER. It just wasn’t a great experience for the first trimester. Up until two weeks ago I was still getting sick at least twice a week so I still hadn’t felt as glorious as everyone else says they feel. 

BUT!!!!!!!! Now I am feeling FANTASTIC. Sure, I still have my moments of nausea/sickness and my back is starting to give me fits, but I am really feeling great as a whole. 

Why the change?!

First of all, we know we are having a tiny sweet girl in a few short months. We can buy and plan and decorate the room. This has been so much fun for us. Even Andy is into the shopping- every other day I’m getting emails from him showing me cute things to buy her. We’ve also begun to stock up on books for us her. Andy and I have selfishly been getting some of our old favorites off amazon – ex. we bought a couple of “collections”: Dr. Seuss, Little Bear, and Little Critter. We are really excited about getting them all in! 

Even more fun than that though is Andy is FINALLY feeling the kicks. Granted, he could have felt them several weeks ago if he had the patience… I would call him over and he’d put his hand on my stomach for a total of three seconds and say, “She doesn’t like me,” or something to that affect and walk away- HA! So finally they are strong enough there is no mistaking it. And tonight, the most fun thing of all as far as the kicking goes happened. When my sister, Telena, was pregnant with my sweet niece Jacy over ten years ago (ahhhh how can it be?!), she would put a remote on her stomach and we would all sit around and watch for her to kick it. I can still remember how fun that was for me as a first time aunt then. Well tonight I put my cell phone on my stomach and BAM!! it knocked right off. I then put it back on to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and little sweet ninja Rory kicked at it for 30 minutes. Andy and I just watched in anticipation the whole time. 

I’m starting to forget (or at least its getting hazy) all those terrible days of sickness now. We’re having a precious little girl who is obviously VERY active. I just can’t wait to see her and love on her!