Rory Eve

Introducing Rory

Here is a little slideshow I created of the first few days of Rory. All but a couple at the end were taken in the hospital. She’s so precious and we are so proud to be her parents! Enjoy the slideshow! Rory Eve Harris February 12, 2010 7lbs 5oz, 20 in long

Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

Baby Watch 2010

Well we’re on “baby watch” now… every appointment the doctor is surprised I haven’t gone into labor, yada yada. I’m just ready to get this labor thing over with! ha!  I had a whole list of “to-dos” before she made her appearance and they are all officially done as of this past Tuesday. Of course,… Read More Baby Watch 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

My friend Amber Dixon does a “Wordless Wednesday” post every week and its something I’m going to try and do. Its a post of only pictures with no words. So here’s my first (almost) Wordless Wednesday post… picture taken at Christmas with Andy’s family and I think its quite hilarious.

Everyday Life

free internet

My genius husband figured out how to get internet from my phone onto my computer and its been wonderful while at the temporary home. Its about as slow as dial up though, ha!, so the days where I have had to come into Paris I’ve bummed internet from Hastings coffee shop. Its amazing how spoiled… Read More free internet

Family, Rory Eve


Well I have neglected our blog for quite some time. There have been several times when I wanted to write but there was always something going on. One of my new year goals is to write on the website two times a week. Hopefully I can achieve this and then after things start settling down… Read More neglected.