hilarious adventures

remember me?

It has officially been so long since I’ve blogged that my password had to be re-entered and a “remember me” box needed to be re-checked. I have found myself MIA in the blogging world. I love to blog. I just have avoided it for some reason. Any counselors/psychologists/psychiatrists out there wanna come analyze me? I… Read More remember me?

Everyday Life

parties galore!

I feel like I am currently nursing a party/candy hangover right now and I can’t quite get out of it. Probably because there is still a million pieces of candy floating around our house. Basically we had Rory’s actual birthday, Valentine’s Day Party, Valentine’s Day and then two days off of school to be in… Read More parties galore!

my heart

my miscarriage story

I have gone back and forth and debated with myself about whether or not I should share this or not since the moment I learned we were miscarrying. After sharing on facebook, I received so many messages from friends saying they were so glad I shared and that they, too, had been through this before.… Read More my miscarriage story


Christmas Letter 2015

I just seriously cannot believe it is already Christmas and 2015 is coming to an end. This year has flown by faster than any other year. What a year we have had! Last Christmas we still lived in our apartment in Cleveland and didn’t hardly know a single soul. Actually, we seriously didn’t know anyone!… Read More Christmas Letter 2015