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out of control

Sometimes I feel as though my life is OUT OF CONTROL.

While my children wake up (mostly) precious….

photo copy 8

we all know that they can be quite mischievous and well, NOT precious.

photo copy 9

In fact, lately things around here have seemed just down right out of control. Behavior has been worst than poor, sleep has been little, little sweet girls have been all out fist fighting… I could go on and on and on and on.

It hit an all time low when my child stole money from the Sunday School this week.


(Though, it was HARD not to laugh at how she hid the coins in her sandals…)

And I will be the first to admit that I’m out of control at times too. I’m yelling more and that never helps.

So I tried out a new tactic today after Ryder and Rory were fist fighting non-stop and someone got bit.

photo copy 10

Oh, yes I did.

And y’all. It worked. They HATED that tshirt. LOATHED it. And I just smiled and took pictures as they cried.


So now I say, “do you want to put the shirt back on?”, and they immediately start running away and hugging each other at the same time.


So I’m trying to do better and helping them to try better because what else can you do but just always TRY to do better and work hard to change myself and help them to know how to change.

On another note, VBS started this week!


I swore I wasn’t going to work this year no matter where I was because of the craziness of last year but somehow I got roped into it.

I aim to please, obviously.

Want to know my role at VBS?


Watch Video.

You’re welcome.

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