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our weekend- nutcracker, parties, torture

Today we shall do a good ol’ “weekend update” post because I have a lot of things to tell you about our weekend.

Clearly, we are the most exciting people in the world so that is why I just have to do an update.

Friday night I left the girls and Andy and went to Jackson to see my niece in the Nutcracker. She dances and is so talented and I’m so proud of her. Since I’ve lived away for so long, I’ve only seen one out of about 10 Nutcrackers that she has been in. I’m so glad I get to do these things again!

Why, yes, she is 13 and that much taller than me.


I had a great time staying with my parents that night and getting them all to myself. That is a rare and special treat for me.

After a little shopping ALONE, I headed back to Savannah for Andy’s company Christmas party. Normally, I loathe these sorts of things, but this time we went with friends from church (Garrett and Julianne) and y’all, THAT IS THE WAY TO GO. Garrett and Andy work together and are the same age, so it was nice to have another couple our age that we actually had things in common with to sit and talk to instead of awkwardly staring at the wall the whole time like we normally do at Christmas parties.

I don’t know if y’all know this, but Andy isn’t the biggest talker in the world (understatement of the century), so that is pretty much exactly how it goes down. I make conversation, he sits, I pray for the party to end quickly, and we’re out. So this was a nice change, HA!

Sunday was your usual go to church, take a nap, go back to church.

Except that on Sunday night we went to church for the big Christmas program and they didn’t have childcare because children LOVE Christmas programs, right?!


They were running around, climbing, writing on each other, throwing things, and all their general craziness. Ryder escaped about 10 times. Both threw fits when they couldn’t run down the aisle. I was in a complete sweat by the end. Ryder and Andy left before it was over, and I had to stick it out with Rory because I love to punish myself.

Then, these people I’m friends with at church had a WONDERFUL idea to go to the Mexican restaurant after church. And I had the WONDERFUL idea to go too because, I mean, I only had one kid so it would clearly be so much easier and what could POSSIBLY HAPPEN?!

Well. For starters, your child could lick sugar off the tables in front of all these people, as per usual.

Then, your child could take a straw, stick it in salsa and drink it like it ain’t no thang.

Again. I was mortified so I couldn’t stop laughing.

PS- My defense mechanism is always laughter. I laugh when I’m extremely sad, happy, mortified, exhausted, etc. It’s just what I do.

‘Cause I’m crazy like that.

So, I’m laughing, people are taking pictures. It was delightful.

I’m sure I was judged and people were wondering why that crazy lady in the booth was laughing all crazy like, but whatevs. That’s how we roll. Drinkin’ salsa out of straws and laughing like a crazy person.

Question 1: Who wants to go eat with us?!

Question 2: How well do you think my children will do at meals on the cruise?! Because we will be eating all meals in public for about 10 days.

Question 3: Who has some spare Valium?! I know someone who might need it.

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