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our new town

Today Rory and I headed up to our new house and town in OK. Our home inspection was today so we got to spend almost two hours in the new house. I get more excited every time I am there. It’s so big (to us) and Rory had the best time running up and down the hallway.

She also had so much fun with the seller’s little girl. She is about 8 or so and took Rory by the hand immediately and they played the whole time! It was wonderful for Mommy too! Ha! They played with horses and Barbies and played dress up. This is the best picture I could get with my phone but you can see that she loved playing with the jewelry!

We got there a little early so I decided to drive around town and see all the sights. Well it doesn’t take long to drive around town. You see… we are moving to a town with maybe 600 people. Maybe. But man is it cute!

Here is the beauty shop for the town… I just love the name- “Almost Famous”.


Then there is the local doctor’s office…


And my favorite part of the town- the church.


And although Paris is not huge by any means, you can obviously tell its going to be a huge change for us.

But man am I ready! I’m so ready to only be 10 minutes from Andy’s work. I’m so ready to live in this tiny town and have a slower way of life (well, as slow as it gets with two under two!). I’m so ready to cook more and not have the temptation to just go out to eat on a whim. I’m so ready to have two extra hours with my husband every single day.

And speaking of being ready.

I’m so stinking ready to have this baby! Contractions for weeks, soooo many signs of labor, and then as soon as I’m ready to go to the hospital… they quit. UGH. Oh well. She will come when she’s ready I guess!

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2 thoughts on “our new town

  1. We’re so excited for you all. It looks like a great little town. I know the drive time will be great for Andy but you all spending time together will be the greatest benefit. Can’t wait to see your new home.

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