our first week

Ryder is one week old today!

Its been such a fun, exhausting week. But we have survived and things are getting better and easier with every day.

Ryder, of course, has done a lot of sleeping.

Luckily though, she is starting to get better about her nights and days.

Last night Rory slept through the night and Ryder only woke up twice. It probably won’t happen again that way for a while, but I am just so thankful for one better night of sleep. I went to bed at 9 last night (and I’m a night owl!) and told Andy I just was about to break. God knows just how to sustain us, doesn’t He?!

Ryder is so much like Rory was as a baby. She’s sweet and calm, only cries when she’s hungry. Even sponge baths don’t phase her! She hasn’t shed a tear during bath time. I didn’t think I’d ever end up with another baby as sweet and calm as Rory was (which is funny since she is now a wild woman!) but I have been blessed again!

I kind of caught her smiling… too bad its not a good angle! This little mess smiles all the time, its so funny!

And yes, you do see that correctly… Ryder has her first injury. Rory went to snag her pacifier (the only real struggle we have had with her) and got her nose with her fingernail. Since then, though, Rory has done much better about getting sister’s pacifier!

Speaking of Stinker!

She has done SO WELL this week. She just loves on her sister and “helps” hold the bottle to feed her. Everytime she sees Ryder after nap or first thing in the morning she sits down and holds her hands out to hold Ryder. Its so cute!

And with each day she is getting less and less interested in every single detail about Ryder. She goes longer periods without wanting to kiss her a thousand times and touch her.

She is really, really interested in Ryder’s “toys”… meaning swing, bouncy seat, car seat, etc.

She’s a mess!

And here she is saying “byyyyyyyyyyye” and blowing y’all a kiss!

I’m so excited for a wonderful weekend at home with my little family of four!


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