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one year (!)

Ryder had a cardiologist appointment today. Every time I go I am just so nervous. Nothing has been easy with this child in her entire life (meaning pregnancy too). I’m always, always waiting for the other shoe to drop with her. Its terrible, I know. I should be the portrait of positive thinking because of all we’ve been through and overcome through Jesus, but I’m just a human. I’m just a sinner.

When we got there today, we went straight for the echo-cardiogram. Usually this takes at least 30 minutes (the first one was an hour or more), but today it took about 15 minutes. I knew then that we were going to have our first positive doctor’s visit, like, ever.

Dr. Pearse came in and said she looked wonderful. We talked about her feeding issues and how I switched her to soy and (please Lord let it be true!) how it seems to have fixed all of our problems. She said I did the right thing and that if anything came up and she started not eating again to call and she’d send me to a GI specialist.

Then, I heard the words we’ve been longing to hear but honestly never expected to come so soon- “Ok, she’s released. We only have to see her once a year.”

Tears rolled down my face as I stared at Dr. Pearse thinking that I was dreaming. That precious woman, one of the most special people in the world to me, who was aggressive for Ryder and saved our baby’s life was telling me everything was wonderful with Ryder’s heart. The same doctor who came to see us every day while in the hospital and cried with me the night before surgery. The same doctor who has wiped away tears so many times throughout this rollercoaster season of our lives. The same doctor I have seen 19 times in four months. That doctor was telling us “goodbye” until next year.

β€œHe is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.” – Deuteronomy 10:21

Thank you, again, for all of you who have prayed for our precious Ryder. You have impacted our lives more than you will ever know. Now YOU can go tell of the miracle you have seen with your own eyes!

PS- Since switching to soy formula on last Friday, Ryder has gained TWELVE OUNCES! She has finally reached TWELVE POUNDS!!!!

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  1. What wonderful news!!! Your Journal is so precious and will be a treasure for years to come. Your pictures are adorable!!! It is such a blessing to be allowed to share in your journey. Thank you for sharing from your heart!

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