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one of those days

We have had just one those days.

Rory had her 15 month well baby checkup this morning. I loaded everything, including her and myself, into the car about an hour early because we needed to go get some Tylenol beforehand. Well I reached in my purse to get my keys and they weren’t there. So I tore apart the car, the house, and the purse a couple more times and found nothing. Apparently I had left them at CVS the night before. Lovely.

Unfortunately Rory hasn’t been feeling so hot the past couple of days and so I was really upset when I had to cancel the appointment. Luckily Dr. Scott called me back later today and got her in tomorrow morning to make sure she’s alright.


She didn’t sleep well last night and woke up at 4:00 and didn’t go back to sleep until almost 12 today.

So baby was grumpy and Mommy was grumpy too.

We might still be grumpy.

(this was taken when I decided to get a few pics without her pacifier… not a good idea)

I think I have a natural dancer on my hands. Those toes are always pointed.

And let me just say…

do you realize how hard it is to keep your house ready-to-show when you have a toddler around?!

And just a random picture of Rory’s curls because they are so cute.

This weekend was kind of “blah” too.

I was grumpy, Rory was grumpy, and Andy was a little grumpy because we were so grumpy.

But we had reasons!

Rory is cutting all four molars.

I am huge and pregnant and it was SO HOT and humid this weekend.

So I have the right to be grumpy, right?!


We did play outside some and had a pretty good weekend together. Just nothing eventful happened and we were all in a mood, if you will.

But Rory was still cute while playing outside so I took some pictures.

We also tried out her new bathing suit with floaties built in before we go to the water park this weekend.

Rory is a little fish and would live in the water if we let her.

I am putting this picture in because I think its hilarious how much they look alike in it.

I believe she was planning her next move here… always thinking about how she can be a stinker and what she can do next.

Well, sorry this hasn’t been the happiest post. But this is our life and sometimes we get in bad moods and have bad days. If we didn’t have any bad days we wouldn’t appreciate the wonderful days. So I’m thankful for this not so good day even if I’m ready for it to be over/ready for Daddy to be home to give me a break!


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