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on the night you were born

The past few weeks I have been thinking, reminiscing, and having a new perspective on life with my sweet Rory.

As you all know, Rory is so extremely strong-willed and can be quite hard-headed. A lot of days this drives me absolutely insane and I’ve struggled with how to correctly discipline her because of these attributes and it is definitely still hard sometimes.

But lately she has been such a delight. Sure, I have moments where I could wring her neck, but she is starting to transform into such a beautiful, strong girl.

Every night Andy and I (oh and Jersey) pile into Rory’s bed with her and read two books and say our prayers. It is such a precious time of day that we get to spend with just her.

Every night we have to read a book called On The Night You Were Born and it is seriously the sweetest book. The other night we were talking to Rory after reading it about the night she was born. It was the most precious moment getting to talk to her about it and her giggling with us.

I told her that it was one of the best moments of my life, if not the best. Yes, I realize Ryder’s birth was amazing too, but there is nothing like the birth of your FIRST child. The only moment that compares to Rory’s birth is the moment when the surgeon came out and told us Ryder made it through surgery wonderfully and then getting to see her for the first time after.

But still, the birth of your first child is the most special moment in your life.

We told her that it was snowing on the night she was born and we all giggled when Andy said, “you were a little snow baby”. Rory thought that was especially funny. I told her how special she was and how cute and little she was. She just loved hearing about it.

And then that got me thinking about how much she has changed in two and a half years.

Rory is such a perfect mix of Andy and I. She is astonishingly smart for her age (which scares me!) and is such a problem solver. She can work puzzles and she seeks out challenges in every day life so she can figure them out. She will withdraw from the world and be completely zoned into whatever she is working on. There is no doubt that she got all of those attributes from Andy.

And then I notice things that are so like her momma. Her adventurous spirit, her imagination, her compassion for others, her ability to laugh at herself and at pretty much any situation, and her quick wit. There is nothing like seeing the very best of yourself carried out better than I could ever be in your child.

My prayer for Rory is that her spirit never be crushed. Not by me and my failures like my short temper and frustration, not by any of her peers or any other teachers or adults connecting in her path throughout life.

I pray that her strong-will never be stifled because I know that one day she will use it to amazing things. I want her to always be the leader that I’m starting to see come out in her.

I love you my sweet Rory girl. You are my most precious gift.

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6 thoughts on “on the night you were born

  1. I’m sitting in a hot car waiting on my own first born to get out of school and I seriously have chills all over my arms. This is so beautifully written and describes perfectly how I feel about Bailey. Our bond is amazing! I love my other two just as much but I agree…there is something about your first baby! Hug that girl every chance you get! I feel like Bailey was that age days ago! I always heard it goes by too fast but girl! It is so true!

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