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on my last day of work.

Today marks my last day of work. I have such crazy mixed feelings about all of it. On one hand I am just so excited about the move and where our life is taking us next that I’m ready to be done.

And yet.

I am so not ready to leave my job.

I’ve written before about how life has shifted since I got a job. I just don’t even know how to adequately describe it. My life has been better because of this job. I have found a new sense of value and worth in having this job. I have gained another family.

I will miss so much all the joy that my coworkers and the patients brought each and every day. I probably laughed more in the past year than I ever have in my life. Which is saying something.

Out of an entire year of working I had MAYBE two days I seriously didn’t want to go into work. TWO DAYS. I worked through a kidney stone and tried to work with the flu. I mean I seriously loved this dang job. Ha!

It was more than the friendships that I so strongly have with my coworkers too.

I felt a new sense of purpose and worth just in the fact that I was getting up most days of the week at a scheduled time and actually getting ready. I took showers. I wore nice clothing – dresses several times a week! (!!!) I put on make up and fixed my hair. I enjoyed every second of it.

Just those simple things shifted my life so much.

When you are a stay-at-home mom there really isn’t much need or time for all the showers and make up and fixing your hair. And why wear beautiful clothes when your children are just gonna crap and puke or spill everything they eat/drink on them??? I mean. Seriously!

I loved getting to go to work and (mostly) have adult conversation. I loved getting to eat lunch with friends and not have anyone ask for a bite. Or not having to count someone’s bites. Or not saying “EAT YOUR FOOD” twelve million times.

Yes, there were lots of days I missed my children. But that was so good for me. To actually miss them. For so long I never had a free second. So this year was just so good because we missed each other during the day and loved seeing each other at night. And because it truly was THE PERFECT JOB, I got to still be home with them two days a week. I mean, I’m telling y’all- dream job.

On Wednesday we left work early and went to Florence to eat downtown and do a little shopping. My coworkers went in and got some gag gifts for me and also some gift gifts. Then they wrote me a poem called “Ode to Tizzy” and it made my life complete. It was the perfect day and the perfect end to one of the best years of my life solely because of my job.

photo (8)

Let me just state a few things for the record: I did dance all day every day- its what I do best in life. BUT I did work. Dancing is just a priority sometimes. I’m not a fan of washing my hair but it isn’t OILY dirty. And some men/women mistake my FRIENDLINESS for FLIRTINESS. I sometimes mess up messages… like I forget the patients name or get it wrong (example Mick Jagger). I did NOT kill my neighbors chickens and cannot discuss this yet because I still live in the neighborhood. When I was a young PK my friends and I sometimes would copy our butts on the church copy machine. (sorry mom and dad and Sheree and Joyce) Paper Mill Wife status is something I’ve never heard of until I started working here- but around these parts apparently most paper mill wives are “ladies of leisure” … clearly this is something I am not. — Just felt I needed to clear some things up. HA.

I have loved getting to know the patients too at my job. I obviously worked in a medical facility so can’t say much but there were some precious people that I will miss so much. One older man who was sorta grumpy to some people took to me and I definitely took to him and I’m going to miss his grumpiness and his way of making fun of you because he loved you way. Then the other elderly man who brought fresh veggies and ALWAYS brought his digital camera so he could show me pictures of his garden, his family, his “trophies” from WW2. Sweetest man on earth and I will surely miss him. Then every other “regular” patient who came in and laughed at/with me- they all made my day so much brighter. Some of the drug reps and I got to be friends and I will really miss seeing them as well. I hope they miss me just as much!

I will, however, not miss the men who are INAPPROPRIATE and touchy. Just sayin’.

I will also miss all the WEIRD AS HECK ailments people have. I mean seriously. You wouldn’t believe unless you worked in the medical field. MERCY PEOPLE. Mercy.

My life will be much duller and a little less bright after today. I’m just so thankful I was able to have this opportunity and meet and know these wonderful people. I will miss every single one of you tremendously. I love you and cherish your friendship.

{From left: Rejetta (and Sayer!), Lisa (favorite-ever boss), Stacy, myself, Tanya, Tiffany (my partner in crime co-receptionist), Olivia and Aleisha}

photo (9)

photo (7) photo (6) photo (5) photo (4) photo (3) photo (2) photo (1)


PS- I gave them pictures of me with different phrases recorded as a gift. It was fantastic.



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  1. Love reading your posts! I am excited for you guys and the new opportunities, but I truly understand about leaving your co-workers at a job you truly love! I will never look at another copy machine the same, Tiffany! 🙂 🙂 Your girls are precious and making lots of memories for you and Andy. God bless you both!

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