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oh, Thursdays

Its Thursday and the girls are at Mother’s Day Out and I’m basking in the silence of my home. Its so very rarely quiet in our house these days so its nice to be here alone.

We’ve had just one of those ‘blah’ weeks that seems to be never ending. The girls both are having some major allergy issues so they haven’t been feeling their usual fantastic selves, but they’ve still been sweet.

Ryder is now into EVERYTHING. She’s going to give me a run for my money just like Rory does. She loves to empty out everything and make the biggest mess she possibly can.

Speaking of messes, yesterday I took Rory to the doctor thinking she was really sick because she has a crazy cough at night. (Turns out its just allergies. Who knew?!)

Anyways. We were in the waiting room and she tooted a little while trying to climb up into the seat next to me. Instead of being quiet about it she puts her hand over her mouth and giggles and says, “Oh gosh! Oh gosh! ‘Cuse me!”.

The child LOVES to point out toots.

Have I ever told y’all that ONE TIME I said, “WHO FARTED?!”, while on a plane from CA to MS when I was two years old? It mortified my parents since they were stuck on the plane with these people for hours.

So they absolutely LOVE that Rory points them out all the time.

Payback is humbling.

And Rory pays me back a lot.

So since we’ve all been having allergy/sinus problems we’ve not been getting ANY sleep this week, of course.

BUT that’s ok because THIS TIME NEXT WEEK we will be in Vegas having a fun kid free few days. Oh how glorious the sleep with be!

Andy’s parents are coming on Monday and we are leaving Tuesday. We are so thankful that we have parents we trust enough and are so nice to let us have time to ourselves.

Oh, and as a thank you to his parents, I decided I’m going to go cold turkey and potty train as soon as we get back while they’re still here.

I figure I will have extra help with Ryder and cleanups and most importantly, more people cheering and doing the “pee pee potty” dance.

They don’t know that yet, though. Aren’t I the best daughter-in-law EVER?!


So its going to be an exciting week! Andy and I need the rest for sure since seriously the ONLY time we get a good night’s sleep is when we get away together.

And we’re calling a re-do on our last trip to Ohio because a) Andy still had to work and had to study for a huge test and b) we got a terrible bout of food poisoning.

If you could see me right now you’d see a giant grin on my face just thinking about sleeping, eating, laying by the pool, sleeping. Ahhhh! I can’t wait!

How about we end this meaningless post with Rory’s ADORABLE school pictures?! Heather from HB Photography took the pictures and they are so cute! Her little girl, Keely, is in Rory’s class and Rory loves her so much!

Anyone else shocked that Rory didn’t strangle the bunny to death?! Anyone? Anyone??

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2 thoughts on “oh, Thursdays

  1. We are so looking forward to coming. Now you do know Steve believes in using M&M’s as bribes for going potty, eating dinner, counting, saying ABC’s, knowing colors, and helping pick up toys! I’ll make sure he only gives out one at a time and hides them real well! 🙂

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