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oh Sh… ??

This past weekend we met our friends Sam and Katie and their two little boys at the zoo. It was the absolute perfect day. The weather was PERFECT- not too hot or cold. There was a constant breeze and the sun was shining. Just perfect.

The girls loved every second of the zoo. They were so well behaved and fun. They loved looking at all the animals and running from one animal to another. We even got to feed some giraffes which was hilarious. Rory got the courage to do it but then the giraffe wrapped his insanely long tongue around her arm and she was DONE. Ryder just threw the lettuce at them instead. HA!




On the way to Memphis, Ryder kept saying something that was shocking us. Andy and I were looking at each other with huge eyes like, “IS SHE REALLY SAYING THAT?!”. We couldn’t figure out who taught it to her (because really, I’m not perfect but this phrase I really don’t say! ha!) or where she heard it.

She was saying, “oh sh**”.

Now you see our surprise.

Finally, I turned around and realized that every time she said it she would hug her Shrek doll really tight. HA!

So she was actually saying, “Oh, Shrek.” while hugging him.

She’s been doing that nonstop for several days now. This morning I got it on camera because, y’all, it is HILARIOUS and I wanted to make sure I got it on camera before she started pronouncing it correctly, haha!

Now tell me that isn’t the cutest cursing baby you’ve ever seen.

We also got back to our church this weekend after two weeks off from being out of town. The girls loved seeing their friends again.

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I took a little blog break last week because there was just SO MUCH going on. I was so burdened by everything in Boston and West, TX and on top of that we found out that Ryder is severely allergic to pineapple.

Like, we had a little trip to the ER.

So it was just a hard week and I decided to just take a week off.

Things are looking up though and Ryder has an allergist appointment next Monday finally. Poor thing has been just miserable and itchy this week.

The kids only have one month left of MDO so I’m trying my hardest to use Tues and Thurs to get some projects done and to just relax by myself. This week I’m hoping to knock out redoing two pieces of furniture (painting, antiquing). Can’t wait to show y’all the end result!

Happy Monday! Hope y’all have a great week!

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