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oh my head

Rory does this thing where if she’s wanting to be a tad more dramatic than normal, she’ll put her hand on her head and go “ohhhhhh”…. like her head is really hurting her. Several people have seen it and its so hilarious. She loves to put that hand on her head anytime she’s showing out. Everyone says she’s “posing”, its so cute. I try to catch it on camera but usually I miss it. I caught it today, though!

She loves playing on the ground- rolling around, sitting, anything. She loves being on the floor!

Yesterday she played so hard and then put herself to sleep on the floor.

This week Rory ate crackers (or whatever that thing is called) for the first time. I tried the puffs too- she loves to pick them up but didn’t like them so she’d throw them on the ground. The dogs LOVED the puffs- ha!

Today I had to go up to Mother’s Day Out to look at my room and see where everything is, etc, so that I can get my room ready for the fall. Rory stayed in her class for the first time… and yes, I was a nervous wreck! ha! The ladies in the class are so sweet though so it made me feel much better. She did really well for her first day! Here are some pictures of her preparing for school this morning. I had to take some official pictures, right?! 🙂

So excited to go to school!

Tomorrow Rory has her 6 month well baby checkup (and shots). Thankfully I was finally able to schedule it for a day Andy can go with me! Its hard taking her by myself!

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5 thoughts on “oh my head

  1. Gillian loves those puffs! She still eats the strawberry ones, and I love them because I don’t have to worry about her choking on them, they basically dissolve. Rory is soooo cute putting her hand on her head, it has surprised me how dramatic they can be at that age. 🙂

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