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oh how things have changed!

Andy and I used to pack up and go at a moment’s notice. We’d plan last minute trips- sometimes just the day of or day before. Oh how things have changed!

We leave Wednesday to head to Florida for Ashley and Drew’s wedding. I’ve been making packing lists, organizing and packing for days already… and I haven’t even started with my stuff! ha! While we are so excited to go and show her off for the first time to family and to celebrate Ash and Drew- its also very stressful since its our first big trip with a baby. Fourteen hours is a LONG drive with a 7 1/2 week old! ha! Luckily Rory has loved her car seat and riding in the car so far! Hopefully it’ll stay that way until at least after the drive back!

Andy and I went to church for the first time with Rory for Easter! She slept almost the whole time, but did decide to make some “embarrassing noises” during the sermon… I could have died! And once I start laughing its hard to stop so you know I was shaking the whole pew trying to contain myself. Kids are sent to embarrass us starting at an early age apparently! 🙂 We had our wonderful friends, Josh and Carly, over for a late lunch. It was so nice to stay home for a holiday for a change and have our own little Easter!

Here are a couple of pictures we took this weekend. We realized we didn’t have many family pictures at all!

I have Rory SO many cute outfits that will be debuted in Florida- AND a lot of cute shoes 🙂 I will post pictures as soon as I can after we get back. I’m having surgery on Tuesday morning so it might be a little while but I will try! Also, Rory turns 2 months old in Destin (such a hard life!) so we’ll be taking her pictures down there!

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