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now what’s my excuse going to be?

I love my husband dearly. I support his hobbies and let him enjoy them. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily enjoy them too.

So since Rory has been born I’ve had the most amazing, and truthful, excuse to not go fishing. The baby, of course, cannot go. Therefore, I cannot go.


The call.

Andy calls and he is SO EXCITED. He has found something amazing! Something that I have PRAYED they didn’t have…

Can you see their excitement?! She is obviously saying, “yeah!!!”

She loved it. Sorry for cutting off your head, darling man…

So, we’re all going fishing since I told Andy we couldn’t go until stinker was big enough for a life jacket.

Now I am eating my words just like she’s eating her jacket.

I am also eating my words with the whole my-child-won’t-watch-tv thing.

And I am seriously consideriing a smaller tv. No wonder she loves it… its so huge how could you miss the dang thing?!

And don’t judge me for watching Hannah Montana all day long. Its a funny show, okay?!

And also don’t judge me for going to see Eclipse tonight at midnight. I’m desperate for girl time with friends!

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3 thoughts on “now what’s my excuse going to be?

  1. LOL…too cute. I knew that you could get life jackets for infants but I dare not tell Andy. Just use plenty of sunscreen. She’ll have a blast.

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